by | February 28, 2016 | 16:53

The BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology graduate, also received best British single and the Global Success award . She added: "I got really lost for a while and I didn't know I would come back". Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson accepted the award and earlier joked that if they won they would sell Harry Styles and Niall Horan's statuettes. Bay also described winning his second Brit Award as "the most wonderful kind of surreal".

by | February 27, 2016 | 22:59

If you're in the United Kingdom you'll be pleased to know that operators are already taking pre-orders. On February 21st Samsung announced two brand new impressive smartphones. While Samsung is yet to reveal the price of the Galaxy S7 in India, a new report surfaced to suggest that the flagship smartphone will get cheaper within months of its debut.

by | February 27, 2016 | 16:00

Facebook launched its new reactions buttons instead of "Like" button on Wednesday. Zhuo says CEO Mark Zuckerberg pushed for the long-press method as a balance. "For example, if someone posts something really serious and meaningful to them, it's really easy for people on the Internet to misuse or abuse the goal of (Reactions)", Tran said.

by | February 27, 2016 | 14:35

My kid is going to think I'm so cool. I want to take this moment to thank all of my fans". The "Hello" singer made waves online when she swore during her acceptance speech for her Global Success award which was presented to her from space by Tim Peak.

by | February 27, 2016 | 08:54

Tickets have sold out for the event, but Caltech is livestreaming the event on its website and on Ustream starting at 8 p.m. They eventually slammed together at about a third of the speed of light, emitting a last burst of gravitational waves before settling down to the sedate life of an "ordinary" black hole.

by | February 27, 2016 | 00:43

Small canyons (green in the image below) speckle Pluto's north pole. Long canyons run vertically across the Lowell Regio area - the informal name for a part of Pluto's north pole region. Be it icy volcanoes that adorn the planet or the activity of its five moons, New Horizons bears testimony to the fact that the dwarf planet is loaded with surprises.

by | February 26, 2016 | 02:02

The largest takeover of a Japanese technology firm by a foreign company is hanging in the balance. What's going on? Just in the past few hours, Reuters reported Foxconn said it needs to clarify the terms and it's not ready to sign the deal.

by | February 25, 2016 | 18:01

Google announced a new update for its Gmail app on Monday that will allow Android users to be more productive and add some style to the emails they compose using their mobile devices. This feature has been in Gmail longer than we can even remember, but never in the mobile app. Better late than never. Google calls it instant RSVP.

by | February 25, 2016 | 17:05

Industry analyst Ben Wood from CCS Insight said the Mi 5 was impressive given the ratio between price and specification . The cheapest version will cost 1,999 yuan ($305). Just over $410 will get you a phone that has a 5.15 Full HD display , Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM , 128GB of storage , 16-megapixel camera with four-axis optical image stabilization, 4-megapixel front-camera, 3,000 mAh battery , fingerprint sensor, USB Type-C and a ceramic back.

by | February 25, 2016 | 10:24

To check out the new reactions , just hover over the like button on desktop - or hold it down on mobile - and a bubble will pop up allowing you to choose a love heart or several emoji representing amusement, sadness, anger or shock. And Facebook wanted "Like" to remain the focus. Before testing out Reactions in a few select countries, Facebook narrowed down the number of emotions by researching the site's top stickers and comments.

by | February 25, 2016 | 10:03

The social network launched a pilot of Reactions previous year in Ireland and Spain with users choosing between seven emoticons. You'll need to make sure you have the latest version of the Facebook app to see the Reactions feature on mobile.

by | February 25, 2016 | 04:26

Over 1.5 billion people use the Facebook's service monthly, and the Company hopes to add more users to its platform through the launch of this feature. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said in September that the "dislike" button was not coming "because we don't want to turn Facebook into a forum where people are voting up or down on people's posts".

by | February 25, 2016 | 00:05

The S7 sports a 5.1-inch, QHD Super AMOLED display , while the S7 Edge has a 5.5-inch display (QHD Super AMOLED and curved on both edges).The back of the S7 Edge has a slight curve, making it much more comfortable to hold than the S6 Edge.

by | February 24, 2016 | 16:43

The report also interestingly revealed that the iPad Pro was originally slated to be launched in 2014 alongside the iPhone 6, but as the A8x processor got delayed, the product was only launched in 2015 with the A9x processor. The iPad Air 3 , however, is also set to get its own smart keyboard. It added, "This is the stuff that keeps technology executives up at night". In addition, this dovetails with previous rumors that Apple originally intended for the iPad Air 3 to be launched a year ...

by | February 24, 2016 | 16:45

There are unconfirmed reports that the design of the new iPhone will be similar to that of iPhone 6 with the Aluminium body with rounded corners. According to ZDNet , new devices like the iPad Air 3 and the iPhone 5SE are expected to make an appearance in the rumored Apple event this March, but Apple Watch 2 is definitely not one of them.

by | February 23, 2016 | 15:58

Hence, it chose to use a single app and shifted most used features of Qik to Skype, including filters. In that context, the new Skype Qik was a little unusual, as it overlapped strongly with both the previously shuttered service, and the newly-added Skype capabilities.

by | February 23, 2016 | 04:32

An HTC Vive Consumer Edition kit includes the HTC Vive VR headset, two wireless controllers (which track your hand movements individually), and sensors to allow for room-scale tracking. With the Oculus Rift that starts at $599 and won't come with half of the stuff here and you have to shell out more coin to catch up. A new feature lets you connect an iOS or Android phone via Bluetooth so that you can respond to calls, texts and such while you are in a virtual environment.

by | February 23, 2016 | 01:52

Let Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg show you the way. Yep, this photo doesn't look unusual or creepy at all. "VR is going to be the most social platform". The partnership between Facebook and Samsung can only bring good to the two companies as of now. Also Facebook disclosed that users have already uploaded more than 20,000 360-degree videos to the service with "hundreds more added daily".

by | February 21, 2016 | 23:47

This time round, the capacity of the Galaxy S7 has been shored up to 3,000 mAh, and the S7 edge's battery has increased from 2,600 mAh to 3,600 mAh. Common hardware on both devices include an octa core/quad processor (Market dependent), 4GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. Its camera capabilities will consist of a 12-megapixel rear BRITECELL camera and 5-megapixel front-facing for selfies and video chat.

by | February 20, 2016 | 03:28

Richard Branson and his company will unveil the vessel Friday at the Mojave Air and Space Port in California. A mothership, the four-engine jet WhiteKnightTwo, flies passengers the first 50,000 feet before the eight-person SpaceShipTwo continues the journey to Earth's boundary with space.

by | February 19, 2016 | 11:57

Google has given its Android social gaming platform, Google Play Games , an overhaul. Instead of having to sign in for every game separately, all you have to do now is sign in once for your account. This just in from the Android Official Blog, the Android team has announced a couple of new features today. The changes to the Play Games app are said to be rolling out worldwide over the next week, with game titles being transitioned over to the Gamer ID system.

by | February 19, 2016 | 11:10

Some of these mosquitos have been found as far North as Washington , D.C. but the only cases in Pennsylvania have been caused by individuals returning from Zika-infected countries. Microcephaly causes infants to be born with unusually small heads. These initial projections of the economic impact of the disease are based on the expectation of "a swift, well-coordinated global response to the Zika virus" and on the assumption that the most significant health risks are for pregnant women, the ...

by | February 19, 2016 | 05:05

In a teaser clip posted to Twitter recently, Samsung's official account basically spelled out the new feature. Besides showing the front and back of the smartphone, the video also shows off the microSD card and nanoSIM card slot. Expect a bigger 400 mAh battery unit, one that is removable this time. Alongside touch-sensitive display technology, Samsung will imitate another prominent iPhone feature, the Live Photos .

by | February 19, 2016 | 02:16

On Thursday, Apple released an updated version of iOS 9.2.1 to restore newer iPhones that were disabled by Error 53. In a statement today, Apple apologized for bricking customers' iPhones. Now, Apple has provided a full explanation, apologized, notified their stores, and posted an iOS update. The answer is both yes and no. As it turns out, Apple is responsible for this new error 53 that's started to appear for some iPhone owners.

by | February 18, 2016 | 20:27

Skype users in the USA and Europe should have access to multi-user video calls between today and the end of next week, while Microsoft says it will be available worldwide by the end of March. "To achieve this, we're proud to have worked with one of Microsoft's biggest partners, Intel, which helped enable us to optimize SILK Audio specifically for Azure running on Intel processors", said Microsoft.

by | February 18, 2016 | 17:05

Many said that gravitational waves could help solve long-standing black hole mystery. Just last week researchers with the Advanced Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, or Advanced LIGO, announced their success at a news conference and in a paper in Physical Review Letters.

by | February 18, 2016 | 04:29

Various images and teaser videos of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 have surfaced, but the latest comes directly from Samsung Indonesia . Samsung's last waterproof flagship was the Galaxy S5 (the S6 Active is a limited edition device so it doesn't count).

by | February 17, 2016 | 22:56

Google has more than 1 billion active Gmail users as of this month. For Yahoo and Outlook users who want to use Gmail's mail management features and Google Now integration, the company as launched " Gmailify " so you can be a Gmail user without a Gmail account.

by | February 17, 2016 | 13:59

Nintendo has yet to set a date for Miitomo's launch, but anyone who pre-registers will be notified when the app hits the iOS and Android stores. Starting Feb. Users can also use the camera of their smartphone or tablet to snap a photo that will be translated into Mii form, or they can simply import their Mii from the Wii U, Nintendo 3DS systems using a QR Code.

by | February 17, 2016 | 13:39

Once you link a phone number to your account, the app will send you a text with an identification code next time you log in. Facebook, the parent company of Instagram has had the two-factor option for over four years. In cases of top brands and celebrities, upon realizing that the account has been hacked, customers, followers and fans can be scared away easily. It might take a while before you can activate it, but it's bound to make its way to every user.

by | February 17, 2016 | 11:00

Samsung is all set to unveil its latest flagship smartphones the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge at an event at the MWC 2016. Samsung has finally chose to roll out the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update to Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge starting Monday.

by | February 17, 2016 | 04:27

The chipset is Qualcomm Snapdragon 212 with Quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A7 and Adreno 304 GPU. The Continuum was the advantageous feature of any Windows 10 phones that allows users to have a PC-like experience once the Lumia device is connected to a big screen without the use of USBC-port.

by | February 17, 2016 | 03:47

Somehow this game reminded us of "Dissidia Final Fantasy" on the PSP, due to similar movement in adventure mode. And the designers say long-time fans will recognize old favorites like the Paris Opera from Blood Money and the St. The traditional batch of PlayStation Trophies and Steamworks features will also be included with the Sony and PC versions of the title, respectively.

by | February 17, 2016 | 00:24

But he added: "We believe the current market conditions will make all producers to sustain their production and not to increase". These comments brought calm to Global markets, Dublin's ISEQ closed up 161 points while the FTSE rose by 117 points.

by | February 16, 2016 | 21:08

Of those cases, 462 were confirmed as microcephaly and 41 were determined to be linked to the Zika virus. This leads us to believe that the mosquitos will be present in a very generalized way and that they could transmit other viruses. "We must all understand that combating the mosquito is a priority", said Brazilian army spokesman Col. Gerson Freitas. The first case of the Zika virus in Rockland County was confirmed February 5.