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An EpiPen is a device that allows the injection of epinephrine, which can work to quickly relieve symptoms of severe allergic reactions or other risky medical conditions. "There is no excuse to have a really high cost for these products", he said. "Patients are calling and saying they can't afford it", Dr. Douglas McMahon, an allergy specialist in Maplewood, Minnesota, told NBC .

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As if edible chicken-flavored nail polish wasn't weird enough, KFC pushes the limits of fried chicken even further with a chicken-scented sunscreen. "Suntan lotion always smells like lotion", KFC Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Hochman told Business Insider . As for side effects for self-tanners using KFC's Extra Crispy Sunscreen, the website warns that users may suffer from "the Extra Crispy lifestyle and smelling like fried chicken " after using their deliciously interesting new ...

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According to The Sunday Times , New British Prime Minister Theresa May is not expected to enact Article 50 until January, beginning what is expected to be a two-year process of negotiations leading to its departure from the EU. BERLIN - The mood among German analysts and investors improved slightly in August, a survey showed on Tuesday, in a further sign that the impact of Britain's decision to leave the European Union on Europe's biggest economy could be limited.

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Use insect repellant on clothing as well as exposed skin since mosquitoes may bite through clothing. Make sure screens fit tightly over doors and windows to keep mosquitoes out of homes. Rarely, people develop a severe form of the illness that can include neck stiffness, disorientation, loss of consciousness, tremors, muscle weakness and paralysis.

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Some operators of large fleets, such as Waste Management , Inc., are shifting to natural gas, a cleaner burning fuel whose prices have been cheap in recent years, while others see a business opportunity by selling more efficient engines. "There is very little room for error in an industry that calculates things down to the penny per mile". Leaders of the American Trucking Associations said they were "cautiously optimistic" that the new rules will achieve their goals without unduly ...

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The public health emergency declaration is a tool for the federal government to provide fresh support to Puerto Rico's government to tackle the outbreak and grants access to certain federal funds. In addition, it allows the government to request the temporary assignment of local public health department or agency personnel who are funded through Public Health Service Act programs in Puerto Rico to assist in the Zika response.

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The following morning, Sellers reported to a correctional officers that his cellmate had been injured, state police said. Two people were found dead inside a home in Jessup, Maryland, Saturday after an apparent murder-suicide, police say.

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Diana Smith, crime scene technician for the Sanford Police Department, shows George Zimmerman's gun, which was collected as evidence, to the jury during Zimmerman's trial in Seminole circuit court in Sanford, Fla. In his interview with The Daily Beast , Zimmerman showed no remorse over the killing, and for the first time publicly blamed Trayvon's parents for the incident.

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He is expected to join Valeant by May as a noncompete clause barred him from working for competitors operating directly or indirectly in Perrigo's various health care markets according to the Wall Street Journal . On top of that, Papa will be responsible for cultivating a new company culture to replace the "tone at the top of the organization and the performance-based environment" that Valeant has blamed for the inconsistencies in its finances.

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To weed out the genes correlated with the same traits, the researchers took note of the participants' intrinsic hair characteristics and compared them to their respective genomes. A study developed at the University College London discovered a gene linked to gray hair causes and effects. The team also found additional genes associated with hair including EDAR for beard thickness and hair shape; FOXL2 for eyebrow thickness and PAX3 for monobrow prevalence.

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John Wall fueled Washington's comeback win, scoring 21 of his game-high 37 points after Isaiah Canaan made a three-pointer and proceeded to stare down the Wizards' bench midway through the third quarter. Markieff Morris was shooting 39.7 percent from the field and possessed a PER of 11.0 when the Washington Wizards dealt a top-nine protected first-round pick to the Phoenix Suns pick in exchange for his services.

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Denise Jamieson, a medical officer in the U.S. Public Health Service and one of the report's authors, in a conference call on Friday. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Friday, they have confirmed nine pregnant women in the United States with the Zika virus .

by | February 28, 2016 | 18:30

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it's investigating 10 more reports of pregnant travelers with Zika . There are now 147 confirmed Zika virus cases in the United States , excluding 117 more in Puerto Rico that did not make it to CDC's official count.

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I've been working with some staff who are working very diligently to pull this off, and I know the staff are excited", said Wilson. Are Texas and SC bellweathers for the rest of the country? Nonetheless, the contest in a state with a large Black population is seen as an important test for the self-described democratic socialist.

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The surgical team will be available for media questions at a news conference to be scheduled next week. According to a clinical trial protocol registered at the surgery is part of a study "Uterine Transplantation for the Treatment of Uterine Factor Infertility ".

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James M. Musser, chair of the department of pathology and genomic medicine at Houston Methodist Hospital and leader of the hospital's development team, said in the news release. Two Texas hospitals say they've developed a rapid test that would quickly identify Zika. Musser, of Houston Methodist hospital, mentioned that they were the "first hospital to have the Ebola test ready to go a year and a half ago", according to the Houston Chronicle.

by | February 24, 2016 | 05:23

Taiwan, on heightened alert for a possible Zika outbreak, has ramped up its quarantine protocols to shield the nation from the mosquito-borne virus at its borders, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said yesterday. Up till now there have only ever been two known cases of sexual transmission of Zika, both in the United States. Zika is thought to be responsible for causing microcephaly in babies, leading them to be born with abnormally small heads and brain damage.

by | February 19, 2016 | 10:10

At least 41 cases may be linked to the Zika virus in Brazil out of 462 confirmed cases of the birth defect. It can survive in semen for more than 60 days after infection. Zika symptoms are usually mild and similar to dengue, which is transmitted by the same mosquito. More than 70,000 troops were deployed in Rio de Janeiro , a priority because of the Olympics, Rousseff said, adding that sports authorities have said the Zika outbreak did not jeopardize the event.

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The drug called "Pioglitazone" targets cell metabolism and may prevent secondary strokes and heart attacks even before diabetes develops, the study said. Presented at: International Stroke Conference; Feb. 16-19, 2016; Los Angeles. "After years of controversy, pioglitazone is now proven to have cardiovascular benefits", said Dr.

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It has confirmed three deaths linked to the virus. The CDC said that around 80 percent of infected adults show no symptoms, while others can have fever, skin rashes, joint pain and conjunctivitis. However, during a recent outbreak of Zika virus in Brazil , there was also a 20 fold increase in cases of microcephaly in newborns, leading doctors to question the connection.

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Governor Baker has not considered a travel ban to these popular beach destinations, so far. "We need to value life in whatever situation or condition it may be", said Sergio da Rocha, the president of the National Conference of Brazilian Bishops.

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State health officials have confirmed the first case of Zika virus in Indiana. We must fight the mosquito as it carries the virus. The presence of the Zika virus in Brazil won't compromise the Olympics in August, President Dilma Rousseff vowed on Saturday (Sunday in Manila) as soldiers went door-to-door across the country to share key tips on how to stem the outbreak.

by | February 16, 2016 | 12:31

The Zika virus has been linked to an illness known as microcephaly, or being born with a small head. An army soldier distributes a pamphlet about the Aedes aegypti mosquito that spreads the Zika virus on the edge of the Copacabana beach, in Rio de Janeiro , Brazil, Saturday, Feb.

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Health officials in Brazil have dismissed claims that a larvicide could be responsible for a rise in cases of microcephaly , and not Zika virus. Burstein does say women who are pregnant or may become pregnant should avoid traveling to areas affected by Zika virus , as it has been linked to birth defects.

by | February 16, 2016 | 04:27

Meanwhile, studies are further showing that the virus can be transmitted through bodily fluids, and is associated with abnormalities in unborn babies' brain, leading to a condition called microcephaly. Researchers don't know how the virus made the jump, but two theories suggest it may have arrived with tourists visiting the country for the 2014 World Cup soccer tournament or for an global canoeing competition the same year.

by | February 15, 2016 | 23:57

The Zika virus is transmitted through sex and by mosquitoes in the daytime. Brazil has been most affected by the outbreak , with 1.5 million people infected since early 2015. "They are concerned and are being given advice on how to proceed", Cassius Duran, a former Brazilian diver, told reporters at the inauguration of the remodeled Maria Lenk Aquatic Center, where the Olympic diving will be held in August.

by | February 15, 2016 | 18:29

State health officials said Friday that a case of the Zika virus was found in Osceola County, outside Orlando, and one in St. Johns County, near Jacksonville. None of the Zika patients in Florida are pregnant women . Now the virus is linked to birth defects and neurological problems. Zika virus spreads the vast majority of its cases through mosquito bites.

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Sanders about our president, I expect from Republicans. Conservative talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh lambasted Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on his show Wednesday. "So count me in as somebody who will not be listening to Henry Kissinger". And at a 2012 fundraising event, Ohio Gov. John Kasich said, "This isn't popular to always say, but I believe there is a problem with climates - climate change in the atmosphere".

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The connection has yet to be scientifically proven, but the CDC has pointed to strong evidence of a link between the two and called on pregnant women to avoid travel to 22 countries with active outbreaks. Click on thumbnail to view. It is especially risky for pregnant women. Additional details about the infected residents are being withheld to protect their privacy, according to state officials, but it was confirmed yesterday that one resident was a Lehigh University student.

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And while other viruses such as the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and the hepatitis virus can be transmitted through saliva, those are not the main ways those viruses spread, Schaffner said. In an email, he said countries would likely be reluctant to share samples freely without agreements to ensure they wouldn't be frozen out of any resulting products from their viruses, like drugs and vaccines.

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Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health. The CDC has advised pregnant women against traveling to more than two dozen Zika-afflicted regions in South and Central America, and the Caribbean. "The link between Zika and microcephaly is not confirmed", Hughes said. There's 66 cases in the U.S. Wednesday there was a hearing in Washington D.C.

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He then traveled to Hong Kong on February 3 and stayed in Hong Kong International Airport until he transferred to Shenzhen by ferry on February 4. Zika virus is transmitted primarily through the bites of Aedes species mosquitoes. Queensland Health say the woman, from the southeast region, was diagnosed on Tuesday after returning from overseas where she contracted the virus. Experts in Australia have said the risk of Zika spreading across the nation is extremely low.

by | February 11, 2016 | 01:13

About 1 in 5 people have symptoms, including fever, rash, joint pain, or red eyes. A statement issued by the CDC said the best way to avoid Zika virus infection was "to prevent mosquito bites and to avoid exposure to semen from someone who has been exposed to Zika".

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Tom Miller said in a press release. Officials plan a preparedness exercise before Ohio's mosquito season begins in May. Many who are infected with the Zika virus do not get sick. She told the Commons Science and Technology Committee: "We have had seven cases, six associated with the current outbreak in South America, in the past three years".

by | February 10, 2016 | 14:32

Since the report of the virus transmitted through sexual contact as been confirmed, the CDC has advised people who have visited Zika affected areas to use condoms, especially in the case of pregnant women. The main method of infection is via mosquito bites, but scientists are investigating all other possibilities. The potential risk of transmission through bodily fluids was highlighted in the U.S.