Trump Not Keen to Limit Saudi Arms Sales amid Khashoggi Probe

Trump Not Keen to Limit Saudi Arms Sales amid Khashoggi Probe

The Saudis have called the allegations "baseless", insisting Khashoggi left the building through an exit that wasn't the main building. He said that senior state officials have been in communication with Riyadh.

Turkish officials made the accusation on Sunday.

The State Department said today it's still trying to sort out what happened to a missing Saudi journalist who had been living in exile in America for a year due to his high-profile criticism of the kingdom's rulers.

No evidence has been presented.

Mr Erdogan was quoted by Turkish media on Thursday as telling journalists - flying with him back home from a visit to Hungary - that "we can not remain silent to such an incident".

"Forced disappearances are cases against human rights and we are here to condemn this crime committed against a journalist", Yurtsever said. "If true, this is a tragic day", Pence wrote on Twitter.

When was he last seen?

He denied earlier reports that quoted him as saying Khashoggi was killed inside the consulate, saying: "What Reuters reported about his killing is not an official statement".

The paper printed pictures of the 15 Saudi nationals that appeared to be taken by security cameras during police control at an airport.

But he added that diplomatic cars had been seen moving in and out. Turkish officials allege he was killed inside a Saudi consulate in Istanbul last week.

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What have the Saudis said?

"Saudi Arabia wasn't always this repressive". When Khashoggi failed to return, she posted a tweet indicating that she did not believe he was killed, but that she was waiting for official confirmation.

The case is also threatening the strong relationship the Trump administration has built with Prince Mohammed, who wants to turn the oil-rich conservative kingdom into a hub for innovation and reform.

"It would be a very sad thing and we will probably know in the very short future", Trump said during an interview on Fox & Friends, when asked about reports that Saudi leaders may have been involved in Khashoggi's disappearance.

Investigators working with the Turkish authorities stated that a team of 15 people arrived at the consulate on the same day as Khashoggi arrived.

Erdogan, whose AK Party is rooted in political Islam, also supported a government in Egypt led by the Muslim Brotherhood, which Saudi Arabia has designated a terrorist movement.

In March, the State Department approved a $670 million arms sale to Saudi Arabia, part of a promised $110 billion in deals touted by Trump after his first presidential trip to the Saudi capital previous year.

In response, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urged the Saudi government to be "transparent" about the results of any investigation.

The country's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman previously said Turkish authorities were welcome to conduct a search and his country had nothing to hide.