Google Pixel 3 event: The 5 big product launches

Google Pixel 3 event: The 5 big product launches

Google first announced Google Duplex back at Google I/O 2018 where it surprised and creeped out the audience. However, as you may guess from the name, it's created to work with Google's just-announced Pixel 3 smartphone. No matter, we have all the official details and availability info now.

At the event Google also unveiled a ChromeOS tablet called Pixel Slate, although it has announced no plans to bring it to Australia. Google has once again gone with the two-tone look, but instead of having half metal and half glass, it's all glass on the rear.

With its access to your email, calendar, entertainment, and suite of Nest and Home devices, Google stands in a key position to attack the competition in the home device wars against Apple, Amazon, and now Facebook, which just launched a home device, Portal. The notable difference, however, is in the display size and battery.

Google has succeeded with lower-priced devices like smart speakers and home routers, but the phones have been a tougher sell. If you have smart security cameras or doorbells installed, you can view the feed on the Home Hub. Some commands (like changing the brightness of smart lights) produces an on-screen control to make further adjustments.

Google did not present any solutions for personal audio on this device for when a user is out in a public space. There are volume controllers that also act as the buttons to get updated with the latest notifications.

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The new Pixel 3 will also have a spam call-screening feature that can screen suspicious calls and transcribe the message to help you determine whether to block or respond to the call.

One of the major disappoints of the new Google Home Hub, however, is the omission of a camera for Google Duo video calls. Pixel Slate will cost $ 599.

The tablet uses the company's Chrome OS - previously seen on its Chromebook laptops. The device will have Android Pie out of the box. The company has also introduced YouTube TV with Pixel Slate as well as Pixelbook which includes sports and music books.

The Slate has a custom "molecular display", which is an LCD with a resolution of 3000 x 2000 and 400 nits of brightness. The device includes double front-facing speakers, supposed to output really good sound. Google will be offering it in a variety of configuration, the most expensive one being quite high-end with an 8 gen Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. Storage is 32, 64, 128, or 256GB.