Local Officials Stress Importance of Vaccination as Flu Season Begins

Local Officials Stress Importance of Vaccination as Flu Season Begins

Given that more than twice as many people died from the flu than from auto accidents a year ago, it makes sense to improve your odds. The answer is mixed: the effectiveness of last year's vaccine, in a report from the CDC, was estimated to be only around 40 percent.

"Currently, vaccination is the best prevention of viral diseases".

However, getting vaccinated even later can be protective, as long as flu viruses are circulating. "Children who need two doses of vaccine to be protected should start the vaccination process sooner, because the two doses must be given at least four weeks apart".

Flu viruses are rapidly changing, and it's tough to make a highly effective vaccine against it.

Why not give it to everyone?

"People need to not let the flawless be the enemy of the good", said Mark Schleiss, a professor in the Department of Pediatrics.

There are many factors that lower the immune system which are common on any college campus.

The flu is more risky for some people.

This year, a nasal spray called "FluMist" is back after a few years on hiatus. But it has been improved and now is recommended by the CDC for those 49 and younger. But health officials at the briefing said it was too early to make a prediction.

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"They're anxious about past failures", Johnson said. Also, the cost can rise to $70 or more if you get the higher-dose version of vaccine offered to seniors. Of those who died, 42 percent were known to have been vaccinated, and 58 percent were either not vaccinated or had no documentation of flu vaccine, said to DHHS spokesman Cobey Culton. They're recommended by everyone from 6 months old and up.

When it comes to the flu vaccine, the rewards definitely outweigh any potential risks.

Myth 3. Flu shots don't work - I once got the flu a week after I was vaccinated.

In total, there were 505 hospitalizations due to influenza during the 2017-18 season, more than the previous two seasons combined and the highest since 2009-10.

"Nursing teams in schools right across the county will be administering the flu vaccine to school pupils, and I hope that as many eligible children as possible take up the vaccine".

Health Director Nicole Alexander-Scott says a flu shot is "the single best way to protect yourself and the ones you love against the flu". "Even though we still see flu with people who are vaccinated, it's likely to be less severe". Hartenstine's family said her death was caused by flu-related complications.

"I'm exhausted of hearing people say, 'Well, I didn't get sick and I didn't get the flu shot.' Or, 'I don't like it, my arm hurts, '" said Adams. But the symptoms only lasted for a day.

Flu is unpleasant whoever you are. "And they're having a mild season (this year)".