Brett Kavanaugh: Key US senators back embattled Supreme Court choice

Brett Kavanaugh: Key US senators back embattled Supreme Court choice

A deeply divided Senate pushed Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination past a key procedural hurdle Friday, setting up a likely final showdown this weekend in a battle that's seen claims of long-ago sexual assault by the nominee threaten President Donald Trump's effort to tip the court rightward for decades.

Manchin, a red state Democrat in a close re-election fight, said that while he had "reservations' given the accusations, he did what was "best for West Virginia", persuaded Kavanaugh will "follow the Constitution".

Sen. Lisa Murkowski on Capitol Hill, September 25, 2018 in Washington.

And while only she herself can really judge whether she feels she was personally annihilated in the process, the vicious personal attacks by Republican legislators and conservative activists must surely have rattled her to the core - not to mention the vile insults and the death threats she and her family had to endure since her coming forward. Steve Daines, R-Mont., who will not be able to attend the vote because he will be at his daughter's wedding.

It is a triumph for conservative groups, some of which spent millions to support Judge Kavanaugh and this past week defend him against accusations of sexual assault in his high school days.

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Speaking on the Senate floor, Collins went over all the arguments against Kavanaugh, including his judicial record and the allegations of sexual assault.

Democrats paraded to a almost empty Senate chamber overnight and into Saturday to lambaste the nominee. However, the site was unavailable as of Friday afternoon.

Senator Jeff Flake, one of the few Republicans who had expressed doubts about Mr Kavanaugh, said he would back the judge unless something big changed, MSNBC reported.

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Collins has differed from her Republican peers in the past, too.

If there's a 50-50 tie, Vice President Mike Pence would vote as the tiebreaker, confirming Kavanaugh.

Unsurprisingly, people have dug up that old tweet and are now using it point out Collins' apparent hypocrisy regarding her position on Kavanaugh. More than 200 protesters were arrested during those opening hearings. Murkowski then indicated she will not vote for Kavanaugh in the final vote, which could take place Saturday. "And where is the respect?" she said. I found her testimony to be honest, painful, and compelling.

"I'm a patriot", another said.

Kavanaugh could also have to deal with cases involving a practice called partisan gerrymandering in which state legislators redraw electoral maps to try to cement their own party in power.

Both Republicans and Democrats expect the Senate's Kavanaugh decision will be a central theme in the midterm elections.

Republicans hold 51 seats in the Senate and changed Senate rules past year to end filibusters for Supreme Court nominees.

Trump tweeted his support Kavanaugh and praised crowds gathered at the Capitol to support the nominee. And the White House was very, very involved in Brett Kavanaugh's nomination.

After weeks of intense debate that has gripped the nation, the conservative appeals court judge on Friday won vows of support from two centrist senators, leaving no clear path in the Senate for Kavanaugh's opponents to block him. Exactly one month from elections in which House and Senate control are in play, Democrats tried making sure that female voters were paying attention.