Flake to vote yes on Kavanaugh 'unless something big changed'

Flake to vote yes on Kavanaugh 'unless something big changed'

A sea of women - thousands of protesters - marched on Washington on Thursday, bursting into the Hart Senate Office Building to hold loud sit-in protests against the judge. A procedural vote could come on Friday and a final vote shortly after that. If she opposes Kavanaugh, she risks alienating conservative voters who support him.

Flake and Collins both said on Thursday that the report seemed "thorough", promting speculation that they would vote to confirm the judge.

The Senate is scheduled to vote on a key procedural vote today, despite the FBI investigation doing little to lift the skepticism of Democrats. But Alaska GOP Sen. "In addition to the concerns about his past conduct, last Thursday's hearing called into question Judge Kavanaugh's current temperament, honesty, and impartiality".

Kavanaugh faces multiple allegations of sexual assault and misconduct.

From the beginning of Kavanaugh's nomination, Collins has had reservations about the Appeals Court judge, specifically questioning whether he would overturn Roe v. Wade.

Interestingly, while independents have often sided more closely with the opposing party in more contentious nominations (like those of Clarence Thomas, Harriet Miers and Merrick Garland), support from independents on the Kavanaugh nomination is closer to the midpoint between the parties.

Vice-President Mike Pence, who could have broken a 50-50 tie, watched the vote from the White House.

"What we know for sure is the Federal Bureau of Investigation report did not corroborate any of the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh", Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told reporters about the document, which was sent to Congress overnight. Collins, meanwhile, is expected to announce her decision on Kavanaugh in a 3 p.m. floor vote.

Pressure has been especially intense on three Republican senators, Collins, Sen. "He's not the right man for the court at this time", she said. Some lawmakers said they'd not been able to schedule time in the room until Friday. Say it clear. Kavanaugh's not welcome here.

In Washington, all eyes are on four lawmakers - Republican Sens.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said those issues raised serious doubts about Kavanaugh and his qualifications.

In the op-ed piece Kavanaugh defended his performance during last week's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing at which he denied the allegations, made at the same hearing, of a California university professor.

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Grassley blames "left-wing outside groups" and "left-wing dark money" for trying to derail Kavanaugh's nomination. Senators were allowed to take notes but not remove them from the room, he said.

Further complicating matters for the Republican leadership, Senator Steve Daines was set to be at his daughter's wedding on Saturday and has said he will not miss the ceremony.

"I have more that I've got to go tomorrow morning and they'll have it all ready", he said, after reviewing roughly half the report.

And now Kavanaugh's agreeing so himself, or at least partly, in an op-ed he wrote that The Wall Street Journal published on the night of October 4. Kavanaugh's partisan comments were not the result of an unscripted outburst.

"I was very emotional last Thursday, more so than I have ever been".

Durbin says he understands that "this has to be a bad ordeal" for Kavanaugh and his family, but adds: "The fire in his eyes when he turned into this partisan screed is something I'm not going to forget".

She said she was assaulted by Mr Kavanaugh when they were both teenagers in 1982.

Kavanaugh was nominated by Trump to succeed retired Justice Anthony Kennedy, who was seen as a swing vote on the court.

So even after Friday's vote, speculation as to Kavanaugh's fate on the court could continue. Neither has Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

"My hearing testimony was forceful and passionate". McConnell has insisted that it remain private.

Tensions have been running high on Capitol Hill. The party controls the Senate by a 51-49 margin.

If that vote passes, it could pave the way for a final vote as early as Saturday.