'Venom' review: Sony delivers the worst Marvel movie since 'Elektra'

'Venom' review: Sony delivers the worst Marvel movie since 'Elektra'

His life is further complicated when he continues his investigation and forms a bond with an alien symbiote from Drake's lab called Venom, who gives him superpowers but has an insatiable appetite to eat people.

Hardy's Eddie Brock lands in this situation thanks to the machinations of mad billionaire scientist Carlton Drake ("The Night Of's" Riz Ahmed), who, shades of Elon Musk, has been using his fortune to explore space.

Dumped by his network and justifiably dumped by his fiancee Anne (Michelle Williams), Eddie is a bit of a loser, too meek to even ask his neighbour to turn down the music. Foul-mouthed, snarky, and hungry for human flesh, Brock must find a way to coexist with this creature before it murders him - and just maybe save the planet in the process.

Meanwhile, Drake continues to dabble in questionable science.

Brock, either fearless or stupid, breaks into the Foundation at night, sees the test subject partially covered with black goo, which breaks through its glass-walled gage as the symbiote pulls itself free and drops itself onto a new host. One wishes there was more of an attempt to take advantage of its titular monster. "Venom" stars Tom Hardy in the dual-headed role as Eddie Brock/Venom.

Venom is a wildly popular comic book character who briefly appeared in the 2007 film Spider-Man 3, with Topher Grace playing the villain.

That said, if by chance one developed a misbegotten affection for the Andrew Garfield-Marc Webb "Amazing Spider-Man" movies (which, like this, it's no coincidence that Sony produced largely independently of Marvel), then you might actually like "Venom".

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Except for sound-stage indoor shots in Atlanta, "Venom" is nearly exclusively filmed on location in San Francisco and it looks great! Like his hand-drawn counterpart, Venom is a hulking beast with a humorous outlook on our world. However, there is a generic feel that runs throughout the film and that takes some of the fun out of it, especially since the titular alien is not in it as much as one might think.

As envisioned by Director Ruben Fleischer, the movie was inspired by the comic book quote: "You're Eddie Brock".

Hardy says that the idea of symbiosis - needing each other to survive - is built into the characters of Eddie and Venom. The arcs and motivations of the characters-protagonist to antagonist and everyone in between-are muddled at best.

"Venom" may not be a great superhero movie, but it's definitely going to make you laugh.

Venom has quite a lot of potential now riding on it, as it serves as the inaugural entry in the SUMC, or Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters.

We're also told that Venom's "kryptonite" - hey, what universe is this? - consists of sounds between four and six kiloHertz, as well as fire. He never formally introduces himself but begins to speak as Eddie approaches, warning that when he "gets out of here, there's going to be carnage" before the scene cuts to black. But Brock is the one who connects with his inner alien, and it's off to the races as he tries to stop all of this before it's too late. Hardy shoulders as much as he can to keep the film engaging, but ultimately Venom fails to be memorable due to formulaic trappings.

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