Google turns 20 today: A journey from 1998 to 2018

Google turns 20 today: A journey from 1998 to 2018

Google revealed that new features are a result of evolving search trends exhibited by its users.

Mashable, which attended a Google event in San Francisco, points out that Google is doubling or maybe tripling down (can you triple down?) on mobile. Right now, if you search for a celebrity or notable person in Google Search, you'll start to see AMP stories about that person.

The video features interesting searches through the years covering holidays, events, achievements, people, food, planets and languages. You can create bundles of content related to a specific search.

The Collections feature is a way to keep your search content in one spot.

New types of content are coming to Discover, including more videos as well as evergreen things - articles that aren't new to the web, but are new to you.

With the addition of Lens, you can fire up image search by taking a picture of an object and Google will come up with all relevant details.

The cards won't appear for every search; instead, Google "intelligently" shows it when it's useful.

Google's also taking more of an effort to highlight video content with a new "featured videos" card that will appear on some searches.

If you've ever searched for a topic over time, you might forget what you saw, and where.

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Next to each topic name, there is a discover icon to see an ever-growing set of topics.

Google plans to put Discover on its mobile homepage for all browsers. And if you speak multiple languages-based on your searches-Google's will try to figure that out, too.

The feed is renamed Discover, but the premise is the same: Based upon your history, Google will suggest numerous topics for you to click and explore later this year.

The other two shifts include going from queries to providing a query-less way to get information, and from text to a more visual way of finding information. Such as Google Maps, Google Drive, Gmail, and many more.

For many people, Google Images is one of the most important functions the company offers, probably only rivaled by regular old Google Search. Google Images will get its new look on desktop computers starting this Thursday.

The tech giant says Discover and a slew of other new features are aimed at making Google searches smarter and more interactive.

Someone searching for information about a Pug dog will see different content than someone searching for information on a terrier, for example. The company is working with the state of Virginia and its community colleges so it can help find not only jobs, but training for jobs.

The company is constantly thinking about new ways to change its search engine.