New Features Added to Google Search Engine

New Features Added to Google Search Engine

Google, which already uses artificial intelligence to power its search, video and news offerings, unveiled three new AI-enhanced offerings at an event commemorating its twentieth anniversary on Monday. Google will also begin to show more context with images, including captions that display the title of the web page where each image is published-and they'll suggest related search terms for more guidance. It ends with a thank you note from Google.

If you search for the names of certain celebrities-try Giada Di Laurentiis-you'll get not only the quick factual data Google has been putting in the right half of its results pages, but an Instagram-like "story" with flippable, graphical pages linking to media results for that celebrity. "We welcome that." He said Google has an open culture, and follows processes and a system of testing its products and algorithms.

Users will be able to save pages to their Collections from Activity Cards.

The new changes are part of Google's ongoing effort to ensure that Search works in a way that aligns with how people now search for content.

Discover: Google is introducing a new tab called Discover in its search app where all recommendations based on your interests will live. The Lens icon should appear on your screen which you can tap to find out more details about objects, tracking down information like where to buy them or even just what they are. There will be card shown at the top of the search results to provide the additional information.

Now, when your search surfaces video, Google will automatically generate preview clips for those videos, using AI to find the most relevant parts of the clip. You can still block sites you don't want to see. For instance, if you read cooking-related articles quite often; you'll see a topic "Cooking" in Discover. It will also appear on the mobile web. Google is bringing the Discover feed to the Google homepage on all mobile browsers in the next few weeks Moxley said. There is also a new feature called Collections.

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Google's image search is getting enhancements.

Lens isn't the only change coming to Google Images, though. "For example, an image of a tiger might generate concepts like "feline, ' 'animal" or 'big cat.' This lets us identify a picture by looking at its pixels, without needing to be told by the words on a page".

Google is launching Pathways, a way to help people learn new skills in order to get new jobs. But for a different breed, like "Yorkshire Terrier", you'll see different headers like "Characteristics", "How to groom" and "History".

The company is constantly thinking about new ways to change its search engine.

Google grew leaps and bounds with each passing years and now the search engine is available in more than 150 languages serving to 190 countries.

"Google Inc. was incorporated on September 4, but for more than a decade we've celebrated our birthday on September 27, with an annual Doodle, of course", the company said in a blog post earlier this month.