Kavanaugh Accuser Rejects Proposal for Monday Senate Judiciary Hearing

Kavanaugh Accuser Rejects Proposal for Monday Senate Judiciary Hearing

"We can not brush aside these extraordinarily serious allegations in an unseemly rush to confirm Judge Kavanaugh to a lifetime seat", Leahy said in a separate statement issued later Monday morning. The letter, signed by 65 women who say they knew Kavanaugh in high school. insists that the judge "has behaved honorably and treated women with respect". Kavanaugh has since said that he too would be willing to testify under oath as well. Ford has said she is willing to testify, but not said whether she will participate in Monday's hearing. They also plan to question Ford's credibility and point out that she did not tell anyone about the incident when it first happened. Diane Feinstein, who didn't make the letter from Ford public because Ford asked that she remain anonymous, Feinstein said in a statement last week.

Speaking at a joint news conference with Polish President Andrzej Sebastian Duda, Trump said Tuesday he feels "so badly" that Kavanaugh is going through the ordeal of the accusations. "If it takes a little delay, it'll take a little delay".

The committee's chairman, Iowa Sen.

Some Democrats argue that the Kavanaugh allegation should be investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and then resubmitted as part of his background check file for committee review before any testimony from Ford and Kavanaugh.

Grassley's omission of Judge, who as well as Kavanaugh, has denied that an attack occurred, and other possible witnesses drew the ire of the Senate panel's top Democrat, Senator Dianne Feinstein of California.

"I categorically and unequivocally deny this allegation", he said in a statement distributed by the White House.

"Enough with the "he said, she said" storyline", said Dowd. Because this never happened, I had no idea who was making this accusation until she identified herself yesterday. He said in a statement Monday that he wanted to "refute this false allegation, from 36 years ago, and defend my integrity". Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary, tweeted the quote and said it's "now clear" why Feinstein kept the allegation secret.

Heller is the most vulnerable of the three and the National Abortion Rights Action League wasted no time Monday in increasing the pressure on Heller to oppose Kavanaugh.

The Resistance At The Kavanaugh Hearings: More Than 200 Arrests
She said she was surprised when many groups reacted reflexively against Kavanaugh's nomination , without due consideration. Circuit Court of Appeals , just as key affirmative action cases from the University of MI were pending in that court.

In an interview with The Washington Post published Sunday, Ford alleged that when she was 15 and Kavanaugh 17 he cornered her in a bedroom at a house party in suburban Washington and groped her as Judge watched. In the session, Ford described an attack during her high school years, although she did not name Kavanaugh explicitly. Joe Donnelly, one of the nation's most endangered Senate Democrats, said the allegations "merit further review".

"I was absolutely shocked, I couldn't believe it", Maura Fitzgerald told Fox News.

Ford's attorney said Monday that her client would be open to "a fair proceeding" and testify.

But in terms of the differences, they're rather stark.

Heller's "no reservations" comment came after meeting with Kavanaugh in July.

Still, Conway and other Republicans are going out of their way to say they want Ford and Kavanaugh to be heard.

Vulnerable Republican House incumbents have largely avoided the issue, which flared Monday in northern Virginia's suburbs, where GOP Rep. Barbara Comstock is fighting for her political survival. Dianne Feinstein had the letter, which requested confidentiality, for weeks before she turned it over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and fellow Senate Democrats. Corker, however, does not sit on the panel.

Wilson-Hartgrove wrote, "As proponents of Christian nationalism continue to be the most consistent base of support for President Trump, my evangelical faith compels me to challenge the way reactionary conservatives have hijacked our faith to serve their narrow interests". "The Senate must recognize that investigations and public hearings are systemically stacked against survivors of sexual assault-in this case, shifting the burden from Kavanaugh, who has already lied to the Senate, to Ford, who has no reason to lie".