The Resistance At The Kavanaugh Hearings: More Than 200 Arrests

The Resistance At The Kavanaugh Hearings: More Than 200 Arrests

The vice president is not at all concerned that President Donald Trump's nominee will be sitting on the Supreme Court next month, telling Wallace, "We have every confidence that before the Supreme Court reconvenes in October, Judge Brett Kavanaugh will be Justice Brett Kavanaugh". But, even then, Kavanaugh said in his testimony that he participated in the process ... The hangers, which have been arriving at Collins' office since July, symbolize the unsafe techniques used in back-alley abortions that take place where abortions are not legal.

Susan Collins said she needed the weekend to process her thoughts on Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation, but progressives in ME have one last pitch to make. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of ME, will join in to help stop the confirmation.

The allegation is one of several from Democrats who say Kavanaugh has not been completely forthcoming during his confirmation hearings, both for the federal bench years ago and during this week's Supreme Court hearings.

So far, Kavanaugh appears on track toward confirmation in the Republican-held Senate, but after a 12-hour session Wednesday and more questioning Thursday, he also does not seem to have changed minds on the committee, which is split along partisan lines.

At least as of today, though, Collins is still keeping her options open.

Then there are problems with the perjury claim itself. Indeed, Kavanaugh's point in the email is exactly that: While Roe is a precedent, it isn't considered "settled law" because the Supreme Court can overrule its own precedent. She said she was surprised when many groups reacted reflexively against Kavanaugh's nomination, without due consideration. But that is precisely not the same thing as the "settled law of the land". "He did not say it was decided correctly".

Leahy said that emails disclosed during Kavanaugh's nomination hearing this week buttress his case that Kavanaugh knew, or should have known, that he had received documents that Republican staffers took from a computer jointly shared with Democrats.

Those who followed the Kavanaugh hearing on television or read about it in the press saw the Democrats, literally seconds into the beginning of the hearing, begin to disrupt the proceedings with parliamentary inquiries, requests for more documents, etc., etc.

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Ducey is seeking re-election but faces a challenger in the Republican primary. 9 of 15 Republican presidential candidate Sen. Nonetheless, the race looked as if it could be close until the final weeks, when the financial system went into a meltdown.

"Basically, she's still vetting the new information that's coming out", said her spokeswoman, Hannah Ray.

"I've heard it said that I'm a skeptic of regulation", he said.

"You have the chance to stand up for the people of ME - and for the entire country - by rejecting this Supreme Court nominee", the fundraising site reads. She cited the move by New Jersey Democrat Cory Booker on Thursday to release a memo on racial profiling drafted by Kavanaugh but labeled "Committee Confidential", meaning senators could review it but not make it public.

"Running for president is no excuse for violating the rules of the Senate or the confidentiality that we are privy to", he said. "A lot of people in ME would be disappointed if she chose to vote for Kavanaugh". He said he was "shocked and disappointed".

She was considered uncontroversial and had been nominated to sit on the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, just as key affirmative action cases from the University of MI were pending in that court.

Harris also opposed the one-year anniversary of the Trump administration ending DACA this week by turning attention to a welcoming message outside of her California office to Dreamers.

"I think that it's important that we remind one another that there are clear rules about the discussion of confidential material, and that there can be consequences to the violation of those rules", Cornyn warned.