Democratic Incumbent Upset By Primary Challenger In Massachusetts

Democratic Incumbent Upset By Primary Challenger In Massachusetts

An emotional video of her finding out she had won has been shared thousands of times online. Since she will not face a Republican opponent in November's midterm election, Pressley will most likely become the first African-American woman to represent MA in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Capuano, 66, a former mayor of Somerville who opposed the Iraq War and championed progressive causes for years, is hoping that voters take a look at his record and the results for his district.

Capuano was endorsed by prominent MA figures, including former Gov. Deval Patrick, the state's first black governor. Rep. Capuano is known as a popular progressive who championed numerous causes CBC members support.

Both candidates have said they are also likely to vote along similar lines in Congress if elected, offering voters less of a contrast on major policy positions.

The state of Massachussets in the United States has just voted its first African American congresswoman in the person of Ayanna Pressley.

Here in Massachusetts, Ayanna Pressley has emerged as the face of this wave, and she has a clear message: change can't wait.

In his brief concession speech, Capuano acknowledged that voters had turned their backs on the Democratic establishment that had backed him. He was criticized for having called former National Football League quarterback Colin Kaepernick's kneeling protests against perceived racial injustice and police misconduct "not productive".

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In this case, a new generation of Democrats in Congress could alter the party's approach to Mr. Trump, even if the Republicans retain control of Capitol Hill in the midterms - and especially if the Democrats grab control.

Pressley, who knocked off incumbent Michael Capuano, shared the same stances as her opponent on many issues. "Ours was truly a people powered, grassroots campaign. that dared to do what Massachusetts Democrats aren't supposed to do". She's also been outspoken about being a rape survivor.

A part of the wave of women of color breaking into traditionally white positions of power across the country, Pressley's win echoed that of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's over the longtime representative Joe Crowley in NY, and the ascent of Stacey Abrams in Georgia, who - if she wins - will become the first African American female governor in U.S. history. Amatul-Wadud would have been among the first Muslim women in Congress.

In both races, conducted in deep-blue Democratic states fiercely antagonistic to the President, the theme was generational change, the coming of age of minority candidates and voting blocs, and passionate opposition to Mr. Trump.

At Quincy's Thomas Crane Library, 331 voters had cast a ballot with two hours to go before the polls closed, putting the polling place well on track to surpass the 375 voters that Warden Marion Flavin said it has during a typical primary. Last week, leftist Andrew Gillum was able to take advantage of a divided field of moderates and win the Democratic primary for governor in Florida with 34 percent of the vote. Bernie Sanders, a self-identified Democratic Socialist who reinvigorated the progressive wing of the Democratic Party with his 2016 presidential bid.

Diehl defeated John Kingston, a businessman who once tried to fund a third-party challenge to Trump, and Beth Lindstrom, who served in Republican Gov. Mitt Romney's administration.

A pair of lesser-known Democrats, Jay Gonzalez and Robert Massie, are battling in the Democratic gubernatorial primary.