How to watch John McCain's funeral services on TV in Florida

How to watch John McCain's funeral services on TV in Florida

"When John McCain called on us to serve a goal greater than one's own self-interest, it wasn't a talking point created to win the next election".

A formal ceremony is set to take place in the Rotunda at approximately 11 a.m. and the public is invited to pay their respects at the conclusion of the ceremony.

A former McCain staffer, Fose arranged the small memorial that would line a stretch of the motorcade route from the Arizona capitol where McCain would lie in state all Wednesday.

The six-term senator was born on August 29, 1936, in Panama - a U.S. protectorate at the time.

But it was Biden, McCain's longtime friend from the days when he was the Navy's liaison to the US Senate, who gave the most deeply personal tribute. Senator McCain, we will miss the blessings of being in your presence. He complimented McCain for his loyalty, for his tremendous bond with his family, and his great love for America. The president did not attend Saturday's service and spent the morning sending tweets on other subjects. That compared with 35 percent who say they'd be less likely to vote for him if he made such a pick.

Biden, 75, credited McCain with reflecting core values, sometimes frayed in the growing rancor of the nation's politics, that everyday Americans wanted to believe about themselves.

McConnell and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) participated in a joint wreath laying.

Arizona Sen. John McCain and Larry Fitzgerald were friends for more than a decade. Another McCain son, Douglas, will offer a reading of Scripture at this ceremony.

Following a service at North Phoenix Baptist Church, McCain's casket will go to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport for a salute from the Arizona Air and Army National Guard.

Pelosi and New York Rep. Joe Crowley escorted 87-year-old Republican Rep. Sam Johnson to McCain's casket.

Both Biden and McCain knew how painful life could be.

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John Ballenger (left), a Vietnam veteran, and Carol Ballenger remember John McCain. "That's what he did, and that's what a lot of people need to do in this country".

The former Vice President noted that many people have asked him to explain McCain, because he admired him, but also viewed him as though "he came from another age, lived by a different code, an ancient, antiquated code where honor, courage, integrity, duty, were alive", Biden said. When the speeches finished, Cindy McCain patted the casket gently, then pressed her cheek to the flag draped upon it.

Thousands queued on a scorching hot day in Phoenix, Arizona, to pay their respects to the late Senator John McCain, who died last Saturday, as his body lay in state in the desert city.

A powerful Republican voice, McCain was also known as a politician who was unafraid to vote on principle instead of along party lines.

Former Vice President Joe Biden led the tributes to the late Senator John McCain at his memorial service in Arizona, honoring his "brother" with a handsome eulogy.

"He was always there to welcome us - just a very special man", Benson said."Maybe we disagreed with what he had to say sometimes, but we always came out of his office feeling good". Proudest years of my life were being a United States senator.

"I'm black, he was white", he said, drawing laughs from the crowd that continued for each of the things he listed. "We both lamented watching it change", he said.

Former Vice President Joe Biden wipes a tear while giving a tribute during memorial service at North Phoenix Baptist Church for Sen.

The statesman and former prisoner of war died August 25 of brain cancer, days shy of his 82nd birthday. "Whenever I was in trouble, John was the first guy there". I have tried to serve our country honorably.

Le was a child in the aftermath of the Vietnam War and only vaguely knew of stories about the famous American, captured by communists, who "loved his friends and refused to be released" until they were.