Comments Trump Didn't Want Canada to Hear Are Leaked

Comments Trump Didn't Want Canada to Hear Are Leaked

Mexico was on standby to return to discussions aimed at ending a year of hard-fought negotiations on the three-way North American Free Trade Agreement. "Our officials are continuing to work toward agreement".

"We've moved into a very intense rhythm of the negotiations, where our officials are working hard preparing issues for some high-level ministerial decisions".

Here are the next procedural steps to move forward with the deal and the outstanding issues that need to be resolved between the USA and Canada.

After four days of marathon negotiations between Canadian and USA officials failed to produce an agreement on Friday, the White House told Congress it would enter into a revised trade deal with Mexico and that it was up to Canada to decide whether to remain in the trilateral NAFTA pact.

"We're not there yet", she said, speaking about an agreement. But it does officially start the countdown clock. Over the next few weeks, Congress and cleared advisors from civil society and the private sector will be able to examine the agreement. Trump had unveiled a deal with Mexico on Monday.

Meanwhile, regarding China, "it's not the right time to talk", Trump said. But, from the moment Trump announced his bilateral understanding with Mexico, some trade law experts have said he's overstepping the authority Congress gave him past year to try to update NAFTA.

Another lingering sticking point is Chapter 19, set up to resolve disputes among the three countries and industry around how to implement NAFTA rules.

Other experts, such as Vanderbilt University law professor Tim Meyer, believe the Trump administration can use the current TPA but may need to add another procedural step. "And we´ll only agree to a deal that is a good deal for Canada", Freeland told reporters. 'We are confident that a win-win-win deal is possible, and we're always going to stand up for the national interest and Canadian values'.

Canada's foreign affairs minister, Chrystia Freeland, was engaged in NAFTA negotiations for the better part of last week after news broke that the USA and Mexico had tentatively agreed to a new trade pact to replace the current agreement. Trump wanted the comments to remain private.

Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland told reporters about the talks, "We aren't there yet".

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Canada was also insisting on keeping the NAFTA cultural exemption that allows Canadian governments to maintain a system of subsidies and regulations created to support "Canadian content" over foreign content.

Earlier on Friday, the Toronto Star reported that Trump boasted to reporters that he was getting the best of the Canadian government in his negotiations with them.

"To continually undermine the industry is absolutely devastating and it weakens our industry overall", said David Wiens, vice president of Dairy Farmers of Canada.

Ever concerned about reporters - her former job - Freeland had even taken care that afternoon to bring popsicles to the two dozen journalists roasting under the sun overwhelming the USA capital.

"Ultimately, we've got huge issues that are still to be resolved", said Jerry Dias, head of Canada's influential Unifor labor union.

USA labor leaders have been supportive of Trump's NAFTA push, but they, too, want Canada on board.

But it was mostly a report from the Toronto Star that made noise in the USA capital, with the outlet saying Trump boasted in an interview that he was playing hardball with Canada in the talks.

Mr Trump's warning about a possible USA pull-out from the WTO highlights the conflict between his protectionist trade policies and the open trade system that the WTO oversees. The comments threw a major public-relations wrench into the talks.

Trudeau was asked by journalists about the reports on Trump's off-the-record comments.

His comments come amid tense, ongoing trade negotiations between the US and Canada.