Shapiro At 'Newsweek': Should We Politicize The Mollie Tibbets Death?

Shapiro At 'Newsweek': Should We Politicize The Mollie Tibbets Death?

Authorities charged Rivera, a Mexican national and farmworker, with killing her, and they said he is an undocumented immigrant, a revelation that thrust the case into the center of the country's knotted political debate. When Rivera had time off work, his uncle said he would spend time with his daughter, bringing her to Eustaquio Bahena's house to jump on the trampoline with the other young children.

"I can just tell you it seems that he followed her and seemed to be drawn to her on that particular day and for whatever reason, he chose to abduct her", Rahn said.

Schlinger is married to the president of the family-owned dairy that has acknowledged providing employment and housing for four years to Cristhian Bahena Rivera, who is charged in Tibbetts' slaying.

'Iris has been balling her eyes out. Monnarez was a cheerleader and Tibbetts was on the track team.

The pair actually appear on opposite sides of the same page in the 2015-16 edition of the "Make It Count" yearbook.

Earlier this week, investigators said they were uncertain how she died pending the autopsy, and they've made no mention of recovering a murder weapon.

'I don't know if Iris and Mollie were close friends at school but she obviously heard about her going missing, ' the friend of Iris added. "But what happened to Mollie was a disgrace".

After police connected the vehicle to Rivera, they questioned him about Tibbetts, who vanished in July.

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Tibbetts was found dead in a cornfield in Brooklyn, Iowa, more than a month after she went on a jog and disappeared.

Rivera said he was well aware that "most of the Fox audience disagrees with me - but I'm begging you to have compassion and not brand this entire population by the deeds of this one person". The weeks-long search for her ended Tuesday, when investigators found her body in a corn field.

Gov. Dan Patrick blamed Democrats and the news media on Thursday for the murder of Iowa college student Mollie Tibbetts while arguing that lax immigration policy led to her death. The agency declined to provide additional details. He also complained about the government officials weighing-in on the case publicly.

Dane Lang told reporters that Rivera seemed fine in the weeks before Tibbetts' disappearance and wasn't acting odd at all.

Rivera's defense attorney, Allan M. Richards, claimed his client had been recruited to work at the farm and paid taxes for years.

Dale Lang, along with his father, the former president of the Iowa Farm Bureau, Craig Lang, said that they're cooperating with investigators and handed over all information they had that pertained to Rivera.

The surrounding plot was strewn with beer cans, rusting chairs and other assorted junk. "Now they're locking their doors", he told Inside Edition.

Rivera made his first court appearance in Poweshiek County District Court on Wednesday where a judge set a $5 million cash-only bond and scheduled a preliminary hearing for August 31.