Trump says he can't say if Putin is friend or foe

Trump says he can't say if Putin is friend or foe

"President Trump never at any moment, either in public or in private, threatened to withdraw from NATO", Macron said.

"Trump and Merkel will have a "pull aside" meeting where Trump will bring up his contention that Russian Federation, through its supply of oil and gas to Germany, controls the country's politics, The New York Times White House correspondent Julia Davis reported".

There, he announced that Canada will assume command of a new NATO training mission in Iraq - a deployment of 250 Canadian Armed Forces personnel, aimed in part at staving off Trump's complaints that Canada and other NATO allies are not doing enough to contribute to their NATO defence commitments. "I think we go into that meeting not looking for so much", Trump said.

"The president was willing to offer concessions to Kim without getting anything specific or concrete in return", said Jeffrey Rathke, deputy director of the Europe Program at the nonpartisan Center for Strategic and International Studies. But these countries were too small to tackle the Soviet power and when in 1948, the democratic government of former Czechoslovakia was toppled by the communists, the West European countries sought a joint military defence strategy and it got a positive response from the United States which was wary of the spread of communism in Europe.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau managed to steer clear of Donald Trump's blast radius Wednesday as the two leaders converged for the first day of the NATO leaders' summit, opting to meet informally to discuss North American trade irritants instead of the burning issue of defence spending.

But for Russian politicians who erupted in applause on learning that Trump won the U.S. election in hopes of rapprochement only to see ties worsen, Helsinki offers a precious opportunity for a possible thaw in relations. But even as Trump hit allies, he also signed on to efforts to strengthen the alliance against the Kremlin and other rivals, as well as a statement that the alliance does not accept Russia's 2014 annexation of Crimea.

"I believe in NATO", Trump said.

- Thursday: London visit: After Brussels, Trump will head to London, where he'll face a citywide "Carnival of Resistance" as well as a giant blimp depicting him as a diaper-wearing infant. Germany and other European NATO partners argue, however, that they have boosted their contributions to the military alliance and plan to kick in more in coming years.

The exchange was part of an uncomfortable day as anxious Western allies were subjected to the USA president's "America first" approach.

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The two tweets represented two major topics of criticism Trump has long held against U.S. allies across the Atlantic: one is his belief that the European Union erected trade barriers against the USA and as a result won surplus in the trade of goods, and the other that European members of NATO are not spending enough on defence.

"Officials like Mattis and US Ambassador to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison have tried to reassure NATO allies, but I think that reassurance is wearing thin", Goldgeier told reporters on Tuesday. "But above all, when you meet President Putin in Helsinki" on July 16, Tusk said.

Some comments Trump made on the presidential election campaign trail in 2016 made Ukrainians nervous about a Trump presidency, but such worries have proved premature.

Saying that he wants to improve relations with Moscow, Trump has repeatedly cast doubt on conclusions by the nation's intelligence agencies that Russian Federation tried to help him win the 2016 election, noting that Putin has "strongly" denied being behind the interference. "We have to make him flawless - He is ideal", Trump chattered as Macron smiled, appearing unruffled by the act of...intimacy? In recent weeks, various European leaders have also threatened to retaliate against US tariffs and filed complaints to the World Trade Organization.

"The pipeline gets cheap Russian gas to Germany while bypassing smaller Eastern European nations, allowing Russia to pressure them while Germany is held harmless", he tweeted, adding: "No amount of preening in Berlin will cover this nakedly selfish policy". Trump will have his first standalone summit with Putin in Helsinki, Finland, Monday. USA officials said the two sides this time would be discussing Russian election meddling, Russia's incursions in the Ukraine and involvement in Syria. Why are their only 5 out of 29 countries that have met their commitment?

Trump's decision to impose the steel tariffs created more distance.

Trump's harsh words for Merkel, whose country has hosted tens of thousands of US troops that have been key to post-WWII stability in Europe for seven decades, struck at the core of the alliance. But Trump has sought to keep up the pressure by calling the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation target a "bare mininum".

He told press that "Putin might be the easiest of them all".