House Dumps Trump's Immigration Bill, Deep-Sixing A Sizable Increase In Border Surveillance

House Dumps Trump's Immigration Bill, Deep-Sixing A Sizable Increase In Border Surveillance

The measure would give some young immigrants a chance of citizenship, finance President Donald Trump's proposed border wall and bar the Homeland Security Department from taking children from immigrant families caught entering the US illegally.

"While today's vote is a setback, I will not take a step back".

But many GOP leaders fear that Trump's last-minute support ahead of Wednesday's vote won't be enough to get the votes needed to pass the bill, which was carefully negotiated between conservative lawmakers, moderates, and House leaders, according to Politico. The government has yet to reunite about 2,000 children with their parents, and those youngsters are now scattered across the country, some in foster homes and others in institutions, their whereabouts often unknown to their parents.

It also keeps government agencies from taking migrant children away from detained parents and creates a path to citizenship for so-called "Dreamers" - illegal immigrants brought to the USA when they were young. These are two critical priorities that must be addressed, and that's why I have voted for legislation to end sanctuary cities and introduced legislation that would make overstaying a visa a criminal offense. After weeks of discussions, closed-door listening sessions, a short burst of administration lobbying and the blessing of House leaders, rank-and-file members still remain deeply divided about how to address and reform the country's immigration system.

Pundits said the House likely would reject the leadership bill.

"I don't like the fact that was raised as a possibility in some ways that would undermine our effort", Carlos Curbelo, a Florida Republican who represents a diverse district, said in reference to a more narrow bill. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., one of the bill's sponsors - could well garner additional votes for a measure that was still expected to fail Wednesday.

Reported The Hill newspaper: "The decision to vote on the hard-line immigration measure last week and the compromise bill on Wednesday was part of a deal within the GOP conference that effectively quashed the petition".

The administration also released a formal policy statement saying the White House backed the legislation.

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The House rejected a more conservative bill last week clamping down on legal immigration and lacking a way for the young immigrants to become citizens.

All Democrats voted no as did more than 100 Republicans.

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan said Thursday that he wanted that conservative bill - written by Rep.

She said they should start with the most pressing problems, such as the family separations on the border.

Republicans on Wednesday again failed to pass an immigration bill.

Breitbart News's Neil Munro noted that House and Senate Democrats launched a "shame campaign" against Border Patrol agents and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents. "PASSAGE WILL SHOW THAT WE WANT STRONG BORDERS & SECURITY WHILE THE DEMS WANT OPEN BORDERS = CRIME", Trump instructed Republicans hours before the vote, using all caps to underscore his intention.

He returned to a favorite theme on Tuesday and said he will ask Congress for an increase in USA taxpayer funding for a wall he wants to build along the border with Mexico.