Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez upsets Joe Crowley in NY congressional primary

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez upsets Joe Crowley in NY congressional primary

When Burnett listed the ages of the septuagenarians now leading the Democratic party, Ocasio-Cortez said that it's time to elect "a new generation of people to Congress".

Mr Crowley had not faced a challenger from his own party in 14 years in the mostly ethnic minority district, which covers parts of the Bronx and Queens in NY. I mean, you even have, even though Stacey Abrams won her campaign a year ago resoundingly, I mean last month resoundingly, there was still a battle and a fight to get support from outside of establishment DNC groups to support her.

"It's not about me", Crowley, 56, told his supporters at a campaign party following his loss.

The playbook on how to win elections has been pretty straightforward for several decades: Raise as much money as humanly possible from whoever will give it to you, preferably in as big a check as possible; then spend it on television ads with a moderate message that's been focus group-tested to win moderate voters, and pander just enough to your base to get them to turn out for you. When she breezes to victory over token Republican opposition in November, she will be the youngest woman ever elected to Congress.

In their years living on the sixteenth floor of the Warren Towers dormitory, former classmate Mina Vahedi knew Ocasio-Cortez had what it takes. And second, she needs to learn how to run in heels.

Now the news is flooded with articles asking the question on many people's minds: "Who is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?". CNN analyst Harry Enten called her win Tuesday night "THE upset" of the primary season.

Ocasio-Cortez has said she'd support the impeachment of President Donald Trump, noting that the president's unwillingness to separate himself from his family's business affairs amounted to "serious grounds in violations of the emoluments clause from day one", as Politico wrote.

"The community is ready for a movement of economic and social justice".

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"It's time to fight for a NY that working families can afford", she said in the campaign video.

Since Ocasio-Cortez won in one district, a very diverse and progressive NY district, McEnany's remark made little sense.

She led a boldly progressive campaign, supporting universal healthcare, tuition-free college and criminal justice reform.

Democratic leaders carefully parted ways with her on Wednesday on her support for Medicare for all, and the elimination of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). She recently visited an immigration detention center, posting photos of her experience on Twitter. She advocates for housing as a human right and says on her campaign website that she is in favor of expanding the Low Income Housing Tax Credit, which provides tax incentives to encourage developers to build affordable housing. She was unafraid of calling out corporatism and capitalism.

Ocasio-Cortez (CAS'11) is nearly certain to win the seat this November in the heavily Democratic 14th District after defeating Rep. Joseph Crowley.

She is expected to win the blue district easily in November. Like, people usually avoid apartment buildings, but her staff was actually climbing stairs to knock on multiple doors instead of waiting for the elevator.

Crowley blew off two debates with Ocasio-Cortez, earning him a scathing critique in the New York Times.

Ocasio-Cortez's victory could also have ramifications for the gubernatorial primary, where Gov. Andrew Cuomo is being challenged by Cynthia Nixon, who is running an insurgent campaign from his left flank.