How Trump Sealed Mark Sanford's Political Fate With a Single Tweet

How Trump Sealed Mark Sanford's Political Fate With a Single Tweet

That's part of a larger dynamic playing out in congressional races across the country, Sanford said.

Katie Arrington, a first-term SC state legislator, defeated Sanford by 4 percentage points.

"It's time for a conservative who will work with President Trump, not against him", Arrington said in her closing TV spot attacking Sanford. His office said he was hiking the Appalachian Trail but he was actually visiting his mistress in Argentina.

The most competitive choice for Democrats appeared to be the battle between Clark County commissioners vying to be Nevada's first Democratic governor in two decades.

In most states voting Tuesday night, the governor races will get the most local attention. Arrington will go on to face Democratic challenger Joe Cunningham in the November general election.

Arrington, who made a campaign issue of Sanford's criticism of Trump, won 50.6 percent of the vote to Sanford's 46.5 percent. But as Sanford spoke, the race was still too close to call.

Felkel said had Trump not been president, Sanford likely would have won re-election. "The playing field of ideas that many of us came into in the class of ''s devolved to: are you for or against the President, are you for or against Trump?" Campbell said if Trump speaks out in favor of McMaster ahead of the June 26th run-off with Republican candidate John Warren, it could have a big impact.

Meanwhile, a candidate for governor who had done her best to imitate President Donald Trump ultimately rubbed voters the wrong way, while a once-popular Richland solicitor fell victim to a swarm of allegations about sexual harassment allegations and improper spending. "When you look at my actual voting record, I've been with the president 89 percent of the time".

Now, McMaster - who finished third behind Haley in a four-way GOP governor primary in 2010 - is running for a full term on his own merit. The GOP nominee faces Democratic state Rep. James Smith in November.

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A handful of Republicans have done as much, including Sens. It's nearly certain to make other Republicans even more reluctant to take him on, even as Trump has stirs division on trade, foreign policy and the Russian Federation investigation. Elliott became the first openly gay legislator in what has traditionally been a heavily conservative District 22.

Sanford is in a tight race for the Republican nomination in South Carolina's 1st District on Tuesday.

The district, which includes Charleston and the southern coast, has not elected a Democrat since 1978.

Backing Trump did not guarantee success in SC.

"That means Party members will support him in anything he does, no matter how insane, because opposition could be politically fatal", West said.

Democratic State Sen. Jennifer Wexton was the clear victor in a six-way primary in a northern Virginia district considered key to the House battleground map this fall, and will challenge Republican Rep. Barbara Comstock. Some of our members have lost primaries. Two of them involve incumbents.

McMaster, an early supporter of the president's 2016 campaign, had Trump's full endorsement, marked by a weekend tweet. Casting herself as an effective voice for Republicans, Arrington's campaign advertisements focus on the negative relationship between Sanford and the President.

Trump endorsed Arrington hours before the polls closed Tuesday in a tweet attacking Sanford for being "very unhelpful to me in my campaign to MAGA".

"As long as the Republican base sees Trump as a tireless fighter who delivers, the Republicans have a chance to hold the House and make gains in the Senate", O'Connell said. "That's just what happens in contested primaries".