Stateroom charters on crewed yachts

Stateroom charters on crewed yachts

Crewed yacht charters types

When it comes to the crew, there are several types of yacht charters:

  • charters without a crew,
  • charters with a skipper,
  • charters with a crew (skipper, hostess, cook).

Yacht charters with a skipper

You don’t need to get a license to travel on a yacht! Our professional skippers are always ready to sail the ship for you. The benefits of sailing with a skipper are:

  • He will be fully responsible for your safety during the trip,
  • The skipper can build you the best route with the most beautiful places,
  • He can advise you the best restaurants, landmarks, and beaches,
  • No one but the skipper can share with you the most interesting marine life stories,
  • He can teach you the basics of yachting (your kids will definitely love to learn and try sailing).

Yacht charters with a complete crew

If you do not want to think about buying food, cooking it, or washing up, you absolutely have to rent a yacht with the crew to do it for you.

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Our company offers you to order charters with skipper, hostess, and cook. The first will be responsible for sailing the ship and your security. The hostess is usually in charge of buying food products, cooking (breakfasts and light meals), cleaning, serving the table, and washing the dishes. However, if you get a cook as well, most of the kitchen related responsibilities will be transferred to him/her. In this case, the hostess will mainly perform the duties of skipper’s assistant, plus cleaning.

Stateroom charters

You may not need to rent the whole yacht to explore the beauty of the sea. Our company offers you a great alternative, which is renting only one room on the fully equipped and crewed yacht. Of course, the price of such trip will be reasonably lower but the services will remain at the top level.

The distinctive feature of the stateroom charters is that you won’t get the whole yacht to your disposal, only your room. However, there will be lots of common areas which you and other travelers can use for resting, relaxation, or other needs. The biggest advantage of such trips is that they are usually organized at high-class and luxurious yachts. So, you get the expensive ship, large crew, various related services, and lower cost. Sounds like the perfect deal, doesn’t it?