Meghan Markle Says Prince Harry Is the 'Best Husband Ever'

Meghan Markle Says Prince Harry Is the 'Best Husband Ever'

Markle handled her debut on the balcony with grace and ease, but of course, she's still getting used to being a royal, so it's no wonder she needed a little assistance from husband Prince Harry at the event as well. When she smiles you can see the young princess coming out.

Despite the caption saying Meghan asked 'do it?', we reckon it looks more like she's saying the former.

The pair were pictured smiling and laughing as they opened the Mersey Gateway Bridge, a new toll bridge over the River Mersey and one of the UK's biggest infrastructure projects in recent years.

But fans unable to acquire one of the 46 dresses needn't fear: A Stella McCartney spokesperson told the Telegraph that the brand plans to extend the "Made with Love" capsule into a bridal collection in spring 2019.

During the visit, they will see performances from a theatre company for people in recovery from addiction.

Look at QE2 laughing. that's definitely what she said. Prince Philip always walks three paces behind her, a protocol the Duchess followed throughout the day.

Well, Queen Elizabeth and Meghan Markle basically pulled the adult version of that during their royal visit on Thursday. She's got a attractive childlike smile and her little hands were formed into fists at one point.

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Of course, it helps that Harry isn't being dragged around shopping malls and being forced to sit on uncomfortable benches while Meghan tries on outfit after outfit.

She paired the frock with matching clutch, belt and shoes.

Then again, those are small points.

Philippe Lagasse, an associate professor at Ontario's Carleton University who specialises in the Westminster system, says Canada's Constitution is clear that the executive authority is "vested in the Queen" but does not specify who that monarch must be.

They also attended a lunch at Chester Town Hall. "When sitting together they move in towards each other and enjoy a shared joke".

Meghan, now the Duchess of Sussex, arrived at Runcorn railway station with Queen Elizabeth in the northern county of Cheshire on Wednesday morning.