IOS 12 fixes the most annoying iPhone X gesture

IOS 12 fixes the most annoying iPhone X gesture

Apple on Monday spent a couple of hours walking developers through the latest bits and bytes of the company's upcoming operating systems.

The new version of Apple's watchOS brings with it a few nice features, including the ability to play audio from services other than Apple Music during workouts, and a nice auto-start feature for when you forget to tell the fitness tracker that you've begun your training. It's very easy to use - as easy the App Store for iOS apps is on the iPhone - and uses all the same credentials. As with iOS, MacOS Mojave will get a fall release date.

New features help protect users' anonymity online.

FaceTime will soon be able to support video chats with up to 32 people. A new "For You" tab has also been added that puts all your favorite pictures, memories, and shared folders in one location. Video of users who are now talking will be displayed most prominently on screen, this changes dynamically as other people carry the conversation. That means police will have to work fast if they're going to extract usable information from phones taken in as evidence, or get the co-operation of the suspect and have them unlock it the old-fashioned way. Siri has been struggling to keep up with the ever-improving Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Siri can even automatically suggest shortcuts every day based on your habits. Siri knows. Need to turn your phone on silent for the movies? After bringing up the app switcher, you are required to long press on an app to enter the force quitting mode. Kayak, the travelling app, could be linked by just recording "Travel Plans" as a command.

"We've all seen these like buttons and share buttons", Apple software VP Craig Federighi said at the company's annual developer conference. What remains to be seen is whether there is enough of a compelling reason for someone to use AR, even if it's built into everyday apps.

Another app demoed-measurements-will allow your iPhone or iPad to measure objects and items with just the camera by scrolling.

Do Not Disturb can now also be used for a set time period.

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Apple will offer more ways for people to limit the time they spend on iPhones while introducing features created to make its products even more indispensable.

Users will have the option, via a pop-up notification, to stop a tracker following them across the web.

Other features will provide weekly reports on how much time people are spending looking at their screen each month.

The activity report can be sent to a parent's iPhone. The Siri watch face will also get some enhancements, including displaying your commute time home or to work, Kevin Lynch, vice president of technology at Apple, said in the keynote. Some of it is silly, like the new "Memoji", that is, your face as an Animoji, or that Animojis now have tongue detection.

New Animoji characters, like a ghost and a dinosaur.

Using the new Siri Shortcuts functionality iPhone users can create custom stacks of actions for the voice assistant to perform upon hearing a set command. The process was described as "fun and easy" to produce. If you go over your own limit, iOS 12 will pop up a reminder and block the app, though you can grant yourself an extension. Currently, you're limited to Apple Maps.