Fallout 76: Bethesda’s New Game Features Vault 76

Fallout 76: Bethesda’s New Game Features Vault 76

Bethesda has made a big, time-wasting tease of announcing it, but Fallout 76 feels kind of obvious.

UPDATE 2: according to a press release, Fallout 76 will release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Speculations ran wild the moment the gif was first shared on social media by the Fallout and Bethesda accounts, and these speculations are set to continue with more information to be presented during E3 2018. Do you like the idea of Fallout 76? But the vault is silent and there is no one, save one person in a Vault 76 jumpsuit complete with a Pip-Boy and the ending statement, "In Vault 76, our future begins". Fans and journalists alike took random guesses as to what Bethesda's newest title could be, but when Fallout 76's name was announced the previous talk was quickly silenced. By and large, the Vaults were poorly designed or were set up to fail, and the few control vaults in existence were successful in their mission-bringing humanity back out into the irradiated landscape. The vibe of the world seems sufficiently Fallout in nature, but new reports suggest Fallout 76 won't be the traditional single-player RPG we're thinking it will be. What little we know about the game is based on the Fallout 76 trailer, which shows that the game takes place on October 27th 2102, the day after party celebrating Reclamation Day, and a Vault 76 dweller is gearing up to explore the surface. It was created to open automatically 20 years after the conflict, and the trailer shows the epilogue of the Reclamation Day celebration.

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Bethesda is developing the game itself, with the same team based in Maryland that worked on "Fallout 3" and "Fallout 4" working on the project. This new game looks to fit within the mold of Fallout 4 and its predecessors, and is developed by the main Bethesda Game Studios team. There's also rumors floating around that Fallout 76 might be an online multiplayer game so we will have to wait and see. If anything Fallout 4 was seen as a bit too much action and not quite enough RPG. But above all, a release date for Fallout 76 is also a must.

Nothing much has been said about the game but, according to Kotaku, "it's an online game of some sort".