Van Dijk: Liverpool is my team and Anfield is my home

Van Dijk: Liverpool is my team and Anfield is my home

A mere 284 days after commencing their Champions League campaign at the Rhein-Neckar-Arena in Hoffenheim, Liverpool will play their first Champions League final in 11 years.

Jurgen Klopp has always insisted he didn't bear a grudge against Coutinho for pursuing the move to Barcelona and a medal will be dispatched to Catalonia.

"What became evident very quickly was how honest and without ego he was, and I think in this sport that's quite unusual".

Van Dijk helped Liverpool FC to secure a top-four finish in consecutive seasons to ensure their continued participation in the Premier League.

"If you are asking me who will I support this weekend, well, I am just going to sit and watch the two teams plays, but I wish Liverpool all the best". The successful manager is so much more than a brand ambassador.

Klopp also launched into a hoarse version of We Are Liverpool once his rallying call was over.

'US may impose sanctions on European firms working with Iran'
Meanwhile, the Kremlin said that Russian Federation and its ex-Soviet allies will sign a free trade pact with Iran. US intelligence agencies and worldwide organizations have verified that it has been complying with the agreement.

London: Few things have fazed Liverpool's defensive tyro Trent Alexander-Arnold this season so it is no surprise that he is confident about keeping Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo under wraps in the Champions League final. "If you want guarantees then don't qualify for a final, stay at home or go on holiday".

"I think everyone is looking forward to it since it happened and I think we just need to enjoy it, but give everything that we have and then hopefully in the end we can even enjoy it a little bit more". He wasn't really getting a start in their team and that didn't really make big waves at the time, but turned out to be great.

Klopp has lost his last five finals, three with Borussia Dortmund before moving to Anfield in 2015, and two in his debut season with the Reds. I go in with a baseball cap and they still respect me, I don't have to act in a specific way.

'They took me like I am, they didn't ask me to do anything else, so I could focus from the first day completely on football. Those 3 have been absolute this Season, I hope we can win it so that they can compliment their Effort.

'There will be a lot of speculation about my name because I am not playing but I am not really thinking about it'.

Such stellar performances have caught the eye of many of Europe's biggest clubs, but while Aulas admits that there has been interest in his ace, he has said that no official talks have been opened, either with suitors or the player.