Ireland abortion referendum: Two women who made different choices about their pregnancy

Ireland abortion referendum: Two women who made different choices about their pregnancy

This week's historic referendum could change that.

Bursaries have been set up at universities in Cambridge, Oxford, London and Nottingham in England to help Irish students fly home for the vote.

Campaigns on both sides of the issue grew intense leading up to the vote. Voting yes would repeal the amendment, while voting no would keep it in place.

Spokesman John McGuirk of the Save the 8th group - which refers to the Eighth Amendment in the constitution that bans abortions - told Irish television Saturday that many Irish citizens will not recognize the country they are waking up in.

Women on Web provide Irish women with abortion pills for as little as 70 euros ($83) each.

Opponents of the repeal movement conceded defeat on Saturday morning after exit polls from the night before suggested more than two-thirds of voters had backed repeal.

"But it will not happen at all if the Eighth Amendment is not deleted", he said.

The Eighth Amendment was added to the Constitution of the Republic of Ireland in 1983. As The Washington Post's William Booth outlined this week, the amendment outlaws nearly all abortion - even in cases of rape, incest, fatal fetal abnormality and risk to the woman's health.

Weeks of campaigning ahead of the abortion referendum have polarised opinion across the country.

Islands in south-west Cork will vote on Friday along with the rest of the country. By comparison, turnout was just over 60 percent when Ireland voted to legalize same-sex marriage in 2015.

The first official results for Ireland's landmark abortion referendum have begun to come in, indicating a landslide win for abortion rights campaigners is likely in diverse constituencies across the country. Halappanavar, 31, spontaneously miscarried and later died. But founder Mara Clarke, says they can not always help. She died days later from sepsis, an infection of the blood.

These images are meant to provoke a strong response, of course, but the sight of so many foetuses on the streets is particularly distressing for us.

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When will the referendum results be announced? . On May 25, Ireland will vote on a proposal to liberalize those laws, with bookmakers suggesting the government has about an 85 percent chance of succeeding in removing a constitutional ban on terminations in most circumstances.

Who is opposed to repealing the 8th amendment and why? That time together with Cara was precious, and the love we have for her and the grief we feel leaves us in no doubt - Cara was not born alive, she never got to take a breath of air, but she was most certainly a person in her own right. "For Catholics, the formation of conscience is guided by the Word of God and involves giving careful attention to what the Church teaches".

When contraception was legalised in Ireland in 1974, there was a widespread belief that liberal abortion laws would inevitably follow.

And it seems unlikely that there would be another vote anytime soon.

Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, a doctor, voted in favor of repeal. The charity heard from more than 1,000 women past year.

Come Friday, hundreds of thousands will head to the ballots to either vote "Yes" or "No" to repeal the eighth amendment.

Abortion in Ireland was already illegal long before the amendment, but America's landmark Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, which made abortion available in the United States, raised concerns among Catholic groups. Instead, lawmakers would need to pass new legislation to replace it. They said the memories of their daughter's death would have been hard to deal with if they travelled to Ireland. Women who want an abortion would have to go to a doctor and be briefed on their options. "It's up to the decent pro-life people of Ireland to turn out and vote".

Women continued to travel to Britain in droves to seek terminations.

Mr Varadkar says he plans to have a new abortion law enacted by the end of the year - introducing unrestricted access to abortion for women up to 12 weeks pregnant. For almost two months, between getting the diagnosis and her death, we got to see our daughter grow in weekly ultrasound scans, we got to hear her heartbeat, we got to see her move. No more lonely journeys across the Irish Sea.

In Australia, abortion laws vary from state to state.

Subsequent legislation ruled anyone having an abortion could face up to 14 years in jail. "We're not providing healthcare by removing a very healthy baby", Dr McGuinness said.

A Sky News survey conducted this month found 47 per cent of voters were in support of the reform and 37 per cent were against, while an Ipsos poll commissioned by The Irish Times found 44 per cent were in favour of change and 32 per cent were against. For instance, Martina Collender recalls establishing Waterford Pro-Choice in response to a case two years ago involving a young girl placed in a psychiatric ward after her request for an abortion was denied.