Google says its Duplex voice calling AI will make itself "appropriately identified"

Google says its Duplex voice calling AI will make itself

She added that the version of Google Duplex that was previewed at the annual developers' conference was "an early technology demo", with Google to incorporate what it learns from feedback in the development of the release version.

In the summer, Google will begin testing its controversial new plan to have the Google Assistant smartphone app make human-sounding calls for restaurant reservations and hair-cut appointments.

Google is already announcing about the new products that will be out in Google I/O.

The new human-like speaking ability takes Google Assistant another step closer towards passing the Turing test, a test proposed by Alan Turing, an English computer scientist in 1950 where a computer's natural language responses would need to sound like a human's in order to pass.

The demonstration of the technology at the conference was both impressive and startling. The bot, according to Techradar, is an artificial intelligence agent that can make phone calls on behalf of a person. If the information that the voice at the other end is coming from an AI is kept confidential, the person at the other end can be at a significant disadvantage. Furthermore, in what looks to be an effort to distance itself from the ever increasing questions over the bankruptcy of ethics and morality in Silicon Valley, the tech giant is also promising to make its voice assistant more responsible than ever.

Right after the launch of the Digital Assistant of Google, it was under a lot of debate that whether a human-like robot should be calling people. Just think of the implications of that technology. This echoes a blog post written by engineers Yaniv Leviathan and Yossi Matias. Technology like this also makes it easier to data-mine in real life. It's important to us that users and businesses have a good experience with this service, and transparency is a key part of that.

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"When people call us, we ask them where they want to sit, inside, outside or upstairs", says Goplen. And surprisingly, the staff didn't even recognized that it is not a real human. "Is it going to encourage rampant disrespect and awfulness as we learn that some human voices are not really human?"

It seems as though, on this issue, Google has catapulted the mainstream discourse into a place many were not ready to go.

And for many this poses an ethical concern.

And is Google's software strong enough to handle the transaction?

Google's newest technology represents the latest - perhaps most ambitious - push to take AI to the next level of scheduling. The technology is directed towards completing specific tasks, such as scheduling certain types of appointments.