Do you agree with Eric Schneiderman's resignation?

Do you agree with Eric Schneiderman's resignation?

"We have never seen anything as despicable as what we've seen right here ..."

Schneiderman claimed in a statement following an initial New Yorker story, which detailed allegations from former girlfriends they were choked and slapped by the state attorney general, that he had participated in "role-playing and other consensual sexual activity".

A former member of the Women's Caucus, New York City Public Advocate Letitia James, is considered to be a leading candidate to replace Schneiderman.

The Democratic governor said he was creating a special prosecutor because there could be a conflict of interest.

Schneiderman was married for six years.

"A tremendous betrayal. There's no other way to put it", Kluger said.

"This is a man who has staked his entire career, his personal narrative, on being a champion for women publicly".

NY isn't exactly suffering from a shortage of ambitious Democratic politicians looking to make a name for themselves.

On Wednesday, Gov. Cuomo responded. Kirsten Gillibrand, quickly called for Schneiderman's resignation. Schneiderman quit after four women accused him of mental and physical abuse, much of which occurred during romantic relationships with the former attorney general.

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"You were saying???" Donald Trump Jr. tweeted. After first feigning that she didn't know how to handle the news considering she had hosted him on her show a year ago, she then said, "Just kidding". It wasn't consensual. This wasn't sexual playacting.

The "New Day" host spoke with Ronan Farrow, one of the reporters who broke the bombshell report of sexual assault accusations against Schneiderman, who announced his resignation on Tuesday. "Anything can happen", he said. "In one case, a woman wasn't even in a relationship at all with him, Alisyn".

Vance has come under widespread criticism for his office's decision to drop the case about Weinstein's alleged 2015 assault on model Ambra Battilana Gutierrez.

Cuomo has noted Singas' investigations will also look into whether Schneiderman's staff or the attorney general's resources were used to "facilitate abusive liaisons".

These revelations come in the wake of an attorney general who had secured an enviable record with proponents of the #MeToo movement and feminists, including those he had allegedly had affairs with, and had launched investigations against Harvey Weinstein, who he denounced.

Singas has quickly established a reputation for a smart, tough-minded approach to political corruption in Nassau County in a career that makes her especially well suited for the Schneiderman probe.

"His hypocrisy is epic", Manning Barish told The New Yorker.

The applicants must "demonstrate relevant experience and expertise in government and legal matters that are under the jurisdiction of the New York State Department of Law", according to Heastie's office. David then went on to recap what had led to the attorney general's directive in the first place, stating that the complaints of "credible women's organizations" had "compelled" Cuomo to order the investigation.

The appointment means Singas, a fellow Democrat, will have wide powers to subpoena witnesses and potentially pursue criminal charges against Schneiderman, also a Democrat.