Six Women Represent Lebanese Females in 2018 Parliament

Six Women Represent Lebanese Females in 2018 Parliament

Hezbollah won a majority of seats in Lebanese parliamentary elections, which are still waiting to be confirmed by an official vote count, ousting the current prime minister Saad Hariri's Future Movement of a third of its seats Sunday.

Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed terrorist group that exerts political and military control over Lebanon has won a "decisive" electoral victory and emerged stronger as the result of the first parliamentary elections held in that country in nine years, Reuters reported Monday.

Despite the setback, Mr. Hariri likely still has the largest bloc of Sunni Muslim seats, making him a front-runner to again lead the government in Lebanon's.

Responding to the initial results, Israel's Minister of Education Naftali Bennett said that the results prove that Hezbollah and Lebanon are one and the same.

For its part, the Amal Movement supported the candidature of Inaya Ezzeddine, who won the polls last Sunday and is considered the only woman to represent the Shi'ite duo, Amal and Hezbollah, in the new parliament.

A higher turnout had been expected after the long electoral hiatus, but the new pre-printed ballots used Sunday appeared to confuse some voters.

"The prevailing spirit should be a collaborative one, despite the strategic differences we have", Nasrallah said in a televised speech. "I urge leaders of [all] political forces to calm down and abandon provocative statements, as they may lead the country to a problem", Nasrallah said.

His eminence indicated that "there were many attempts by the USA and some Gulf states to distort the image of Hezbollah and impose new sanctions and pressure on it". The final results for Akkar district have yet to be announced.

As many as 976 candidates competed for the 128 seats in parliament, which are distributed according to the ethnic-confessional principle between 11 groups.

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The United States classifies Hezbollah as a terrorist organization; the European Union uses the terrorist label exclusively for Hezbollah's military wing.

Hezbollah, a dominant player in Lebanon's political landscape, had also faced dissent within its usually disciplined ranks, particularly over its ongoing involvement in Syria where up to 1,800 members have been killed supporting Bashar al-Assad.

The election results are a shock to all stakeholders, especially to Israel.

This consolidation came in spite of a new electoral law that introduced proportional representation and redrew the country into 15 electoral districts, which had been expected to improve the chances of minority parties but, in fact, entrenched the traditional sectarian distribution of power.

The elections were the first since war broke out in neighboring Syria in 2011.

On the opposite pro-Saudi front, Hariri's Future party lost one-third of seats, dropping to no more than 21 yet remaining the leading Sunni force in Parliament.

Images circulating on social media on Monday showed Hezbollah supporters tearing up posters of Hariri and his late father and former Lebanese prime minister, Rafik Hariri, the previous evening in Beirut.

He further saluted the families of martyrs who attended the polling stations carrying pictures of their martyred sons in a very touching scene, and the wounded fighters and the elderly who insisted on giving their vote of trust to the resistance despite difficulties.