Warning of large aftershocks as volcano erupts in Hawaii

Warning of large aftershocks as volcano erupts in Hawaii

More than 1,500 people have had to flee from their mountainside homes, and authorities detected high levels of sulfur gas that could threaten the elderly and people with breathing problems.

Henry Calio says he noticed cracks in the driveway of his retirement dream home in the community of Leilani Estates.

Residents have been evacuated from two remote, rural neighborhoods on the eastern edge of Hawaii Island where the lava is emerging from the fissures.

The area is home to about 1,700 people and 770 structures, and some 10,000 people live in the broader district potentially impacted.

Lava has spread around 387,500 square feet (36,000 square meters) surrounding the most active fissure, though the rate of movement is slow.

Guests at Volcano House hotel and Kilauea Military Camp within the park were relocated.

Volcanic activity threatens Hawaii's Big Island. An administrator for the agency told CBS News that experts don't know how long volcanic activity will continue.

Ikaika Marzo told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser that lava spread out over an area about 200 yards (182 metres) wide behind one house in Leilani Estates on Thursday. The volcano erupted hours after a 5.0 M quake upset the island Thursday morning. The footage from the unmanned aerial vehicle shows the lava oozing through the local forest.

Trees in the path of the lava instantly caught fire.

Hawaiian Electric Light Co., meanwhile, said power has been interrupted to Leilani Estates due to lava affecting power lines.

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"Evacuation access may be postponed if conditions become hazardous", the agency stated. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also warns that sulfur dioxide gas released from the fissures could be life-threatening in large quantities.

Kilauea, one of the world's most active volcanoes and one of five on the island, has been in constant eruption for 35 years. "However, as the eruption progresses, other areas of the lower East Rift Zone may also be at risk".

Meanwhile, Hawai'i County officials have put together a new map that features the locations of volcanic fissures, road blocks, and subdivisions in the Puna area.

It predominantly erupts basaltic lava in effusive eruptions that mostly flow into the ocean but occasionally experiences explosive eruptions.

Following frequent quake activity, the Kīlauea Volcano on the eastern side of Hawaii's Big Island erupted on Thursday, prompting mandatory evacuations of several nearby communities. While her home is likely safe from lava, she still hasn't been back since Friday's 6.9-magnitude quake.

Kilauea volcano erupts, Friday, May 4, 2018, in Kalapana, HI.

For the rest of the island, it was business as usual, with no impact to flights to tourism centres, state officials said.

A single mother of two says she is devastated that her Big Island home was burned to the ground by a lava flow.

Geologist Janet Babb said the magma crossed under Highway 130, which leads to a popular volcano access point, on Tuesday night.