Trump 'all but decided' to pull out of Iran nuclear deal

Trump 'all but decided' to pull out of Iran nuclear deal

"We will continue with our argumentation, namely keeping the JCPOA (nuclear deal) plus expansion of the negotiating framework", Merkel said. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has called into question the legitimacy of the United States and Israel making moves to have the deal scrapped after it gained the consensus of five world powers in 2015 in what was widely regarded at the time as a significant diplomatic victory in the global community.

Netanyahu's claims were as cartoonish and absurd as the high school level PowerPoint presentation that supported them, which included a 7-foot high visual banner reading, "Iran lied" - bringing back memories of his equally freaky presentation at the United Nations in 2012 in which he revealed an actual cartoon illustration of a ticking time bomb to denote the status of Iran's nuclear programme. Iran has stated that it would not agree to any changes to the 2015 agreement, and in fact there are no means provided in the original deal to augment or alter it.

"The pertinence of the deal is reinforced by the details presented by Israel: all activity linked to the development of a nuclear weapon is permanently forbidden by the deal", said the foreign ministry spokesperson.

"We learned an enormous amount about Iran's secret nuclear program".

Others placed dampers on the reaction, by saying that the global community knew all along that Iran lied when it denied pursuing nuclear weapons, and this was the reason that it cut the nuclear deal in the first place.

Trump faces a May 12 deadline to decide whether to keep the USA commitment on the nuclear deal - renew the agreement's prescribed sanctions relief for Iran - or withdraw from it. Iran has to come clean.

Nevertheless, in 2015, a UEAE resolution calling for nuclear inspections in Israel was defeated by 13 votes, including Israel's principal allies of the U.S., the UK, France and Germany. This is the report.

And the documents Netanyahu showed off are not the first glimpse of Iran's nuclear files. But the files again show this is a lie. "So we want to have a place where we can talk about those issues ... where there are different views, but people aren't scoring political points", Morell said.

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According to Zarif, Iran will respond if US President Donald Trump decides to walk away from the agreement. "They should have made a deal that covered Yemen, that covered Syria, that covered other parts of the Middle East", he said. The U.S. must be prepared to go it alone, because Iran will fight a snapback of sanctions and can rely on its European and Asian oil customers to back it up. Anyone holding out hope for a more favorable perception of Iran in the US should prepare to be disappointed.

Although he gave no explicit evidence that Iran has violated the 2015 deal, he said Iran had clearly lied in the past and could not be trusted.

"He's not close to getting two-thirds of the Senate". If true, it would be in breach of the 2015 deal agreed with world powers.

A 2007 U.S. National Intelligence Estimate judged with "high confidence" that Tehran halted its nuclear weapons program in the fall of 2003. This entitled Iran to global assistance.

"It's in Iran's interest to stay in the agreement", he said. On what? Among other things, on how to protect against "sabotage".

Israel had updated China on its Iran material and by the end of this week was scheduled to host experts from Britain, Germany and France who would inspect it, the senior offiical said.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said Netanyahu's speech "underlines the importance" of maintaining the deal.