Trump jumping on Israeli old allegations to nix JCPOA

Trump jumping on Israeli old allegations to nix JCPOA

The skeptics are right that, despite Netanyahu's theatrical presentation, the documents aren't a smoking gun that shows Iranian violation of the nuclear agreement.

A day after Mr Netanyahu dramatically unveiled Israeli intelligence which he said proved that Iran had lied to the world about its nuclear research, the Israeli leader talked down European fears that scrapping the deal could lead to war. All have lobbied Trump not to scuttle the deal. Evaluations regarding the absence of undeclared nuclear material and activities for Iran remained ongoing.

Pompeo, until last week director of the CIA, called the intelligence trove authentic and said much of it was new to United States experts.

"We already knew the outlines of the [Iranian nuclear] program in great detail, and all this did was color it in, sometimes in pornographic detail".

Trump has in the past strongly criticized the deal, and said that it has done nothing to curb Iranian aggression in the Middle East or curtail its ballistic missiles program. France, Germany, and the United Kingdom said Netanyahu's presentation was exactly a case for keeping the deal in place, because it provided for inspection and monitoring of Iran's nuclear program and, if needed, sanctions.

"Iran then won't have to sneak in or break in to the nuclear club, they can just walk into the nuclear club, and that's why what Netanyahu showed [Monday] was so important".

Let's remember that Israel never approved of this agreement. That would be the greatest danger to the world.

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Iran said it had never sought to build a bomb when it signed an worldwide deal to curb nuclear activity in 2015. The problem with Trump's strategy has been that it's not clear what he intends to do, after withdrawing from the 2015 deal, to get a better one - assuming, that is, that he doesn't plan to go to war against Iran. He projected a Powerpoint presentation that included a map of five potential nuclear test sites in eastern Iran, charts showing yellowcake production and bomb designs, and a 2003 letter from the defense ministry ordering the continuation of work under scientific auspices, among other documents.

Iran funds, trains, and equips several Shi'ite militias that are active in Syria and across the region. This is why this deal is so bad, this is by the way why Israel opposed it.

The US president also rebutted the suggestion that walking away from the Iran deal would send a disastrous signal to North Korea - as Washington seeks to persuade Pyongyang to give up its nuclear weapons.

At the moment, all Iran has to do is "be patient and wait" for the deal to expire, according to Dermer. Iran has always denied seeking nuclear weapons.

Ali Vaez, from the International Crisis Group, said Netanyahu's move was an "attempt at recycling old info to create new hype and push" to convince Trump to pull the plug on the Iran deal and provoke a military conflict. "It's complex, a lot of translation work", he said, adding, "We're still scratching the surface of what we're going through".

The transfer deal does not include IS fighters, but other jihadists from a former Al-Qaeda affiliate who control pockets inside Yarmuk, Abdel Rahman said. It's not preserving peace for Israel. That fleet is outgunned by the modern US-supplied fighter jets flown by Israel and the Gulf Arab states.

Netanyahu said during his presentation that the information had been shared with the United States and that "the United States can vouch for its authenticity".