David Akers destroys Dallas Cowboys in their house

David Akers destroys Dallas Cowboys in their house

I don't know what to make of any of that, it terms of projecting him to offensive tackle.

"It's insane to think about where I was a year ago and where I am now ..."

That's how you get heat!

"Look at what we did with Justin [Tuck] in the Super Bowl and what Brandon Graham did for the Eagles this past Super Bowl". The Eagles gave up their fifth-round pick (pick 159) to make this move, but it was worth it for two reasons.

The New York Giants haven't had much success in recent years against the Philadelphia Eagles, who are now the reigning Super Bowl Champions.

The NFL draft always comes with a healthy dose of fanfare, pomp and Hollywood-style storylines, and the 2018 edition was no different thanks to the Dallas Cowboys-baiting David Akers. The Eagles utilized the tight end position often in the passing game in 2017, and they are now without Brent Celek and Trey Burton. The question, of course, is if the Eagles - or another National Football League team - gives him enough of it.

The Eagles didn't have a lot of draft capital to work with, but they didn't have a lot of holes they had to fill. Against admittedly questionable competition, Goedert was on another level of dominance, averaging 8.1 yards per catch after the reception and breaking a dozen tackles along the way.

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Philly isn't getting a rookie standout by any means here, but the Eagles don't need one on the offensive line.

"I had to weigh the pros and cons before I made this decision come".

Well, after LeGarrette Blount left town to join the Detroit Lions back in March, the Eagles really don't have a big-bodied power back on their roster to take his 250-pound place.

Pryor appears to be good value, but the Eagles should have addressed the backfield here. Yes, you read that correctly. "Zero football experience at all from this guy, but he's sitting an insane 6'8" 350 pounds and just wrecked fools on the rugby field.

As such, there isn't much to pull from regarding Jordan Mailata's National Football League prospects other than his enormous size. His highlight videos are pretty jarring.

The Eagles became intrigued when they saw a show reel Mailata's management uploaded on YouTube of the forward stampeding rugby league opponents.

There he worked hard for three months - four-and-a-half hours a day training and three more on board and film work, fast-tracking his knowledge of the game.