Giants draft QB Kyle Lauletta, popularly pegged as a Patriots target

Giants draft QB Kyle Lauletta, popularly pegged as a Patriots target

Quarterback Kyle Lauletta of Richmond and defensive tackle R.J. McIntosh of Miami were right where the Giants felt they would be in the fourth and fifth rounds, respectively.

Barkley was taken second overall by the Giants, after Cleveland drafted Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield. He could play the Terrell Davis role for Eli Manning in the twilight of his Giants career.

It wasn't a factor in the Giants' decision to take Barkley. Penn State won 35-6.

- New York Giants (@Giants) April 28, 20183.

"He was touched by the hand of God, frankly", Gettleman said. "It's going to take baby steps and it's going to take a long trip up that mountain, but every single day I'm willing to work".

Lombardo: (laughs) Yeah, that was one of the many over-the-top phrases from Dave Gettleman on Thursday night.

"He is our quarterback, we believe in him", Gettleman said of Manning.

If the Raiders see Saquon Barkley on the board at No. 10, there is really no reason why they would not grab him.

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Greenwalt's pay shot up $66,000, to $164,200; Hupp's went up $48,000, to $114,590. Dave Joyce had extended to visit Lake Erie. "We'll just see", McConnell said.

No matter what Saquon Barkley does on the field, it might never be enough.

In three seasons, Barkley finished as Penn State's second all-time leading rusher with 3,843 yards, including 1,271 this past season when he scored 138 points.

Here are the details on the five other National Football League running backs selected No. 2 overall in the draft. I have been doing this for 30-plus years. They saw his potential in the NFL.

They're not far off. I know you're looking at me like I'm insane. Le'Veon Bell, David Johnson, Alvin Kamara, and Kareem Hunt were taken after the first round, and many feel this draft is typically littered with gifted runners. Barkley would be the kind of player who can give this offense a different dimension, and you can only begin to dream about all of the things Jon Gruden would be able to do with his skill set. Jerry Reese made a number of solid decisions, but his borderline refusal to upgrade the running game or offensive line continuously held NY back. It just seems like those two together, it might be unmatched. The Cowboys moved on from Dez Bryant, so there's one less dynamic duo. "I think a lot of that stuff is nonsense". Or, they can check into passes and different formations, since Barkley is risky as a receiver. You know both fan bases well.

Barkley was selected No. 2 overall by the New York Giants.

You can't make yourself fall in love with a player and if you do, it's a mistake. But this is like facing Ezekiel Elliott twice a year. There's not a single running back among the 50 players with the highest guarantees on their current deals.

The footage, courtesy of Adam Glyn, shows just how hyped the two are to take on the Big Apple.