Everything you need to know about the new look Gmail

Everything you need to know about the new look Gmail

Gmail has been totally revamped with a new look. And also possibly with other people.

Google said it doesn't scan Gmail messages for advertising purposes.

Google said to help boost productivity, Gmail will now "nudge" users to follow up and respond to messages by sending quick reminders that will appear next to the emails.

The new design lets users click on attachments, such as photos, without having to scroll through lengthy conversation threads, prominently displays the most-used applications-including Calendar, Tasks, Docs or Sheets-and introduces a "snooze" functionality to let users put off email notifications until a specified date.

It is Google's most extensive update to software in its G Suite workplace bundle since accelerating efforts to steal business from Microsoft's dominant Office workplace software suite.

Click OK and you're using the new interface! This will now be the norm for all confidential emails you send.

Emails sure show up in the news these days, getting hacked, leaked or just plain misused. More tools can be added there as well, such as Asana for Gmail.

Gmail now offers native offline capabilities. On the flip side, the new Gmail has a "nudge" feature, which surfaces emails it deems time-sensitive and that you may not have responded to (if you find these more annoying than helpful, you can turn them off). Recipients will see that they've received a confidential message and that it will "self-destruct" in the chosen time frame (a day, a week, a month).

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To help manage mail processing, Gmail users will be able to "snooze" a message, a function that has come over from their Inbox app. To reply, users can simply choose one of the responses and hit send.

That's when a tech company overhauls its product just for the sake of changing it.

The mobile app is getting a few updates as well. First, you'll need to go to your Gmail inbox. For example, hovering over an email's subject line in your inbox reveals a new button that looks like an alarm clock.

There will also be an option that will let you revoke an email at any time (finally!).

In a move to further beef up the security of Gmail, new alerts will appear when the app spots what it believes could be a malicious email.

When will the new Gmail be available?

This includes locating Google's calendar, tasks and note-taking services within the same page as emails and alongside existing instant messaging options.

The most helpful addition is the ability to "snooze" emails.