Avengers: Infinity War 'on course to break box office record'

Avengers: Infinity War 'on course to break box office record'

Avengers Infinity War is a toast of 10 years of incredible superhero films from Marvel.

At the world premiere for "Avengers: Infinity War" on Monday, April 23, Chris Pratt was seen among actors who attended the event to promote the newest movie in the Marvel franchise.

In the movie's trailer, Gamora (Zoe Saldana)-Thanos's daughter, of sorts-explains that the villain believes that if he annihilates half of the universe, he can save the other half.

Markus revealed that at one point, Infinity War's script also included Silver Surfer. You can read my own review HERE, and while I thought the movie was good, I didn't find it to be great. But if you can't handle even a tiny bit of detail, here's a *spoiler alert*, so don't fling a Thanos at us.

All of this is to say, look at how the universe has grown, from a lean group in The Avengers to the expanded team in Infinity War!

Critics largely praised the Walt Disney Co film for its ambition, scale and wit in assembling more than 20 Marvel comic book heroes.

Trust us, you're gonna need a box of popcorn to help you maintain a steady pulse throughout the movie. Mind you, these are films that did soaring business in every part of the world.

"Because we were like, Thor is blond!"

The film, set to hit US theaters on Thursday night, is sure to be one of the biggest blockbusters of the year-and the unofficial kick-off to the summer movie season. The seats started filling fast, and the shows were houseful in minutes.

So, I do have a problem with the way Infinity War ends. The movie is the culmination of 10 years of storytelling, with 22 movies released since the Marvel Cinematic Universe launched with Iron Man in 2008.

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Filmed in the style of a mockumentary, My Spirit Animal: Kratos from God of War takes a brief look into the life of Gary Hercule. Diomedes was a hero famed for his power in the Trojan war , a war that pitted Athena's favored army against Ares' favored army.

'Infinity War' is in cinemas now. Even more than higher resolution imaging, HDR or High Dynamic Range technology which increases the range of colors and depth of blacks (as well as contrast) is a giant step forward in technology.

"When I was writing the Avengers comics I used to get s*** because it wasn't like the movie Avengers", said Jonathan Hickman on his Twitter account earlier this year. "It's essentially gestation. But we don't because to do that". It is up to the Avengers to stop him and save the universe from his evil rule. But expectations are high after the massive success of Black Panther, which so far has raked in more than $1.3 billion worldwide and has broken the all-time North American record set by Titanic, with more than $680 million in the USA and Canada. Because what is the system that we are working under?

"It took us 19 movies over a span of 11 years to finally reach this destination".

He can practically swat away superheroes like a bunch of mosquitoes. Somehow, for all its fire and fury-the raw spectacle of it all-Infinity War is a surprisingly human story.

But behind his horrifying agenda lies what he thinks as a solid reason to justify that agenda itself. Do Black Widow and the Hulk benefit from some kind of real-life anti-aging power?

With one day to go until the release of Avengers: Infinity War, the reviews are in. The stakes are infinitely bigger than in any previous film, yet the familiar Marvel balance of action, character humour and powerful emotion remains firmly in place.

Honestly I was like, 'OK, they'll have me for this. It is probably changing faster than it ever has. So, focus! Number three, don't be a killjoy.

Although Captain Marvel isn't set to make an appearance in Infinity War, the first female title character in the MCU is set to make her grand debut in 2019. I laughed at the ill-timed jokes but not without thinking that it could have been better without it.

Speaking of that, make sure you wait to see the post credits scene (s) at the end.

These films are loved, they haven't ruined your credibility at all. He's obviously the character that ties everything together, and his performance is both menacing and frightening, absolutely one of the scariest villains we've seen in a mainstream blockbuster - one with constant threat and foreboding menace always present.