FTC's Facebook Audit Didn't Catch Cambridge Analytica Leaks

FTC's Facebook Audit Didn't Catch Cambridge Analytica Leaks

In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the way that technology companies handle our personal data and moderate the content - including fake news, hate speech and terrorist propaganda - on their platforms has been thrown under the microscope.

Acxiom and competitors such as Experian PLC (EXPN.L) were indirectly affected by the Cambridge Analytica scandal when, shortly after it broke, Facebook said it would discontinue one of its advertising tools powered by third-party data in an effort to be more careful about privacy. Additionally, Facebook keeps track of when you are using its products- such as Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp- such as when you last used them and what posts, videos and other content you've viewed.not just what you liked, shared or searched.

"Will you commit today to GDPR?". "After Cambridge Analytica, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), on behalf of Facebook, reported to the FTC that privacy compliances at Facebook were fine and there were no problems", explained EPIC's president Marc Rotenberg.

Of those who answered that they are concerned about the issue but haven't changed their behaviour, 13% believe there is nothing they can do to change what Facebook does with information taken from users, and 18% think it's too late to take any action. "These updates do not change that". In its reply to the Indian government, Facebook acknowledged that in 2013 a quiz app developed by Alexander Kogan and his company GSR used the Facebook Login to steal data from Facebook users who installed the app and from their friends.

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After listening to Zuckerberg and noting the confusion at Facebook, I suggest that they hire consultants to come in and fix things.

As a pioneer in the tech industry serving 1.4 billion users each day, Facebook has a moral and ethical obligation to protect those most vulnerable on its sites, including minors, women, and LGBT, Brown and Black communities.

Under GDPR, parents or guardians have to give their explicit approval before teens of that age can see ads based on their interests on Facebook or its sister network Instagram. Companies file patents defensively, they file them as they figure out their business plans, they file them to boost their portfolios in the hope of attracting greater investments, or for many other reasons. Forty-four per cent disagreed with the statement "Facebook cares about privacy" while 46% disagreed with the notion that it "protects my personal information".

It's still not clear, however, exactly how Facebook uses the data of non-users or people who are logged out in these instances. Evidence has also shown that Russians and other foreign citizens were in the USA working on various campaigns in the 2014 and 2016 elections, including N.C. Sen. Both Facebook and Congress should make sure that possibility becomes a reality for users in the United States. They would mine other personal data about me, such as financial information, driving records, and credit history to try to influence my buying decision. Meanwhile, Americans will be asked about the same data, but the legal term doesn't mean anything here. Facebook has said it will offer a similar opt-out in the rest of the world. Facebook is simplifying its settings on web and mobile, making it easier for people to find the option to download all of their Facebook data or delete their account.