Brawl over expansion of Trans Mountain pipeline making project 'untenable,' says CEO

Brawl over expansion of Trans Mountain pipeline making project 'untenable,' says CEO

"If they did try to use it we would be in court immediately seeking an injunction to stop them from using it, but we would probably have to get in line behind oil companies that would be concerned about contracts that they have with companies in deliver product".

Kinder Morgan Canada and its Texas-based parent Kinder Morgan Inc are set to release first-quarter results and hold a conference call after market close on Wednesday.

Political efforts to strong-arm British Columbians, such as Alberta's new Bill 12 that would let the province restrict exports of crude oil and products to spike gasoline prices in the Lower Mainland, appear to be less effective in winning over opponents, Kurl said.

He says the details of action and the question or questions it will ask the court to determine are still being worked out by the New Democrat government.

The on-going Trans Mountain pipeline dispute escalated once again today as the Albertan government introduced legislation that could have a drastic impact on B.C. drivers.

This licence would be issued by the minister of energy if it is determined to be in the public interest, including whether adequate pipeline capacity exists to maximize the return on these resources produced in Alberta.

Justin Trudeau's pipeline summit - the weekend swoop of shuttle diplomacy to sort out the Trans Mountain Pipeline feud between B.C. and Alberta - was certainly a bust.

Canadian trade groups support the measure, but said they hoped the two sides can resolve their differences.

Enter Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard, who has slammed the federal government for running roughshod over B.C.'s interests.

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Kenney keeps pressing. Why is Notley so much more optimistic than the company who says the project may not be able to be done by them?

"They continue to try to frustrate investors (and) erode investor confidence, but what I can say is we are prepared to pull the rug out from under them".

On Sunday, Trudeau met with the premiers of both provinces and afterwards reiterated his federal government's stance that the pipeline will go ahead.

Coun. Dan Johnston said the federal government talks about Indigenous people's rights and reconciliation, but did not adequately include them in the process of approving the pipeline. It will take more than the few weeks between now and the end of May for the Trans Mountain saga to come to a definitive conclusion.

Activists in the United Kingdom have gathered in London amid the visit of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to protest against plans to build an oil pipeline from Canada's Alberta region to British Columbia.

The Trans Mountain Pipeline extension has made for headache after headache for the Trudeau government and it doesn't look like things are going to be getting easier any time soon.

May had previously said that she would go to jail to prevent the pipeline if necessary.

The protest comes as Trudeau touches down in London for the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting.