Amy Schumer's New Movie Faces Body Shaming Backlash

Amy Schumer's New Movie Faces Body Shaming Backlash

Though the film's premise has received backlash from critics, who have argued that it "body-shames" its protagonist, Schumer fired back, telling King that the pic is only meant to make people "feel good about themselves". You walk out and you feel good about you and less judgmental about other people. "I was just laughing thinking about doing these scenes". And I can understand that, I can relate to that character.

"I think the trailer really triggered people, which is part of the reason why I think there is such a need for this movie right now", the actress told The Daily Beast in an interview published Wednesday.

For Amy Schumer, Friday's "I Feel Pretty" is mighty personal. Renee's relationship with Mallory is not only the kind of casual female camaraderie that I recognize from my own life that rarely gets depicted on screen, it also complexifies the model persona. Whether I liked it or not, I was paying attention.

Leaving the theater, I felt hopeful that I could, like Renee, adjust my attitude and change my life - hopefully, without head injuries.

So I went. And guess what?

Both films come to the same happy conclusion: that physical beauty is something of far less value than the ability to love somebody for who they truly are, not as the mirror flatly declaims them to be.

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Just kidding! It was exactly as offensive and infuriating as I thought it would be, and I'm mad! "I just wished they could see it", Schumer told Vulture. She said that when she is in her sweatpants with her family and friends and no makeup, she does not think about what she looks then. Shocking, considering comedian Amy Schumer is in it.

It comes after the "Trainwreck" star admitted recently that she didn't feel ready to settle down before meeting her spouse. Some scenes appear to be saying that attractive people have it as tough as anyone else - though Renee scoffs at this notion when it's proposed by her slender workout buddy (Emily Ratajkowski). I don't know how realistic it is ... Schumer has actual six-pack abs. He said it's important for the younger generation "to see a film that maybe says you are in control of your own value".

"He wants cellulite, stretch marks". And if we did, we wouldn't want to be laughed at for it. "Rory, thank you for pretending to have sex with me in the movie", Schumer said.

Renee sustains a concussion that leaves her believing she's the most handsome woman in the world. Especially stuff for women!

The word is still out on how body-positive "I Feel Pretty", which premieres on April 20, actually is.

As sweet as "I Feel Pretty" often is, it's also at times depressing.