McCaskill ribs Air Force over female Navy vet who landed Southwest plane

McCaskill ribs Air Force over female Navy vet who landed Southwest plane

Steven Marks, an aviation lawyer with Podhurst Orseck, said the 737 has been a safe plane and the incident shouldn't alarm airline passengers generally.

A preliminary examination of the blown jet engine of the Southwest Airlines plane that set off a terrifying chain of events and left a businesswoman hanging half outside a shattered window showed evidence of "metal fatigue", according to the National Transportation Safety Board.

Sumwalt says he is very concerned about Tuesday's engine failure, but would not extrapolate that to the CFM56 engines or the entire fleet of Boeing 737s.

CFM say more than 8,000 of those engines are now in use for Boeing 737 planes.

"Shrapnel hit the window causing a serious injury". While her husband and children were too distraught to speak, her sister-in-law said on Wednesday that she had become a "guardian angel" to somebody in her death.

CFM says there are more than 8,000 of its CFM56-7B engines in operation on Boeing 737 passenger jets.

The dead woman was identified as Jennifer Riordan, a Wells Fargo bank executive and mother of two from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

While movies often depict exaggerated scenes of passengers being sucked out of planes, in reality, it doesn't usually happen so dramatically. As it traveled down the runway, the airport tower told the plane's flight crew members to turn right and stop wherever they could.

Southwest declined to provide the plane's maintenance records to The Associated Press, but a spokeswoman said that the failed engine had experienced no unscheduled maintenance in the last 60 days.

It is unclear whether the FAA directive that would have forced Southwest to quickly inspect the engine that blew up.

The plane descended precipitously, Johnson said, but the pilot regained control and informed passengers the flight was headed to Philadelphia.

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"Jennifer Riordan has passed away as a result of previously reported events on Southwest Airlines flight No. 1380", her family said in a statement.

Sanger also said passengers should consider counseling because people in similar incidents often suffer sleep loss, anxiety and other symptoms of post-traumatic stress syndrome.

A USA Today report indicates that #Jennifer Riordan, a 43-year-old mother of two, was seriously injured when the window exploded, causing a sudden drop in air pressure that almost caused her to be sucked right outside.

The controller told her she could choose her speed and maintain any altitude over 3,000 feet.

"We did CPR on this lady", Phillips told ABC affiliate WFAA-TV on Tuesday, adding, "A window had broken, and the suction - the negative pressure - had pulled her outside the plane partially", Phillips told ABC affiliate WFAA-TV on Tuesday.

McGinty's wife took to Facebook once her husband safely landed back in Texas. She was the only one at the lecture, prompting the retired male colonel teaching the class to ask if she was lost, followed by a rebuff that "there are no women professional pilots".

The pilot brought the plane to Philadelphia and was able to land it there.

FBI investigators photographed the wide panel found in Bernville, near where the engine is believed to have failed, according to a Reading Eagle reporter. A piece of the engine covering was later found in Bernville, Pennsylvania, about 70 miles (112 kilometers) west of Philadelphia, Sumwalt said.

Southwest pilot Tammie Jo Shults is being praised for her cool demeanor after her plane suffered a blown engine - killing one passenger - and she was forced to make a one-engine, emergency landing in Philadelphia with almost 150 people onboard Tuesday.

"We owe her our lives", passenger Marty Martinez said in a text message Wednesday.