Govt inquiry to examine Mark Zuckerberg's response to US Congress

Govt inquiry to examine Mark Zuckerberg's response to US Congress

Baser said when you use those websites or apps, Facebook collects data to show relevant ads, make other sites more social and "help" them "better understand how people use their services". Information of over 80 million Facebook users was allegedly harvested by data analytics and Cambridge Analytica, leading to a global backlash against the company.

Two U.S. lawmakers said Wednesday Zuckerberg would also give testimony to the House Energy and Commerce Committee on April 11. Zuckerberg did not respond.

In the hours-long day one hearing, Zuckerberg insisted that the firm will be stepping up its efforts to protect users' personal data.

For many years, we believed that all Facebook has been doing is helping advertisers target a particular group of people, based on demographics and personal preferences. When the Cambridge Analytica debacle came to light, it warned that it was aware of "malicious actors" who may have abused its systems to create profiles of people without their knowledge. I'll use websites as an example, but this generally applies to apps, too. To limit the data Facebook can collect, follow CNBC's guide. But apart from these kinds of visible indicators, Facebook also offers ads and analytics tools to websites and apps, and even in these cases, Facebook can track you, even if you possibly don't see any Facebook branding or widgets on the website. "This would apply to other services beyond Facebook because, as mentioned, it is standard to how the internet works". In fact, it's possible that you found this very column through a Facebook post in your newsfeed.

"I advised Sheryl Sandberg that Zuckerberg should accept the invitation from the European Parliament".

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Cruz cited Facebook's removal of a popular Trump government advocacy page, as well as posts from a Fox News reporter, explaining to Zuckerberg, "that appears to be a pervasive pattern of political bias". Those users would have been notified that they were granting mailbox access, so their "entire mailbox history" may have been uploaded. Facebook said on Friday that it does not do so.

He added: "Privacy is about informed consent, value and transparency".

Cambridge Analytica, which obtained the data of 87 million Facebook users, was hoping to raise as much as $30 million through the venture. I think they need to get off - we need to get these off as soon as possible.

"Congressman, if people flag those ads for us, we will take them down now", he said. This is something the social network has historically denied. We teamed up with the Senate Judiciary Committee to host a joint hearing that featured almost half of the U.S. Senate and examined a significant breach of trust between Facebook and its users, one that led to the information of 87 million users being obtained by Cambridge Analytica.