Walkers officially arrive on Fear the Walking Dead

Walkers officially arrive on Fear the Walking Dead

Meanwhile, even though TWD's linear ratings decline will surely cost AMC some revenue as advertisers seek to cut better deals in the light of the ratings declines, the network will still reap plenty of profit from global and streaming rights to the show. She is now planning to take on Rick for sparing Negan's life, and the character who plays her is now still unsigned as a series regular for next season. First he sneaks away after spending part of the night in John's truck, but John tracks Morgan to bad guy Leland's so-called "mouse trap" and tries to save him before they're both overpowered. And he's hoping others will fall in line or they too can be behind bars like Negan. Negan seemed to be skeptical about it and Rick suddenly cut his throat.

On Sunday night, Rick Grimes's war with the Saviors finally came to an end. He wants that for all of the communities. Also, Daryl hasn't had any abnormal animosity toward Negan, so it's unclear why he would work with Maggie. When he let Dwight go in the woods with a vehicle, I thought for sure that Daryl was letting his anger go. "I do think he is a man that has changed and very late in the day realized that he has to".

This attitude could get them in trouble in the future. Let us know in the comments! What does the end of the war mean for Rick and his family? However, insiders have reportedly confirmed that her agents are not happy with the offers that have been made for her to reprise her role as Maggie.

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But what are the chances of the group appearing in season 9 of the TV show? It also would show that the group valued mercy over wrath. For example, when she kills a Savior and sends him in a box to Negan, she thought she was demonstrating her strength, but in reality, she was just sinking down to Negan's "eye-for-an-eye" level. "It's a barter. I'll be back and by then I expect great things", she says to Maggie (Lauren Cohan), hinting at a relative abundance - possibly The Commonwealth alluded to in the comics, which has some 50,000 residents. Maggie goes ballistic, screaming that Negan killed Glenn and it's not over until he's dead.

Now that The Walking Dead season eight is officially in the books, it's time to look forward... to season nine. With that one statement, Walkers officially arrived on Fear the Walking Dead. Hopefully, the show will return to being as good as it once was and invite audiences back as our characters continue to fight the walking dead. We have a feeling this season finale will be an episode worth buying! While some viewers may have been confused or even disappointed by the seemingly out of character heel turn presented by Maggie, Jesus, and Daryl in the finale, they may be even more upset if the storyline proves to have nothing to do with Rick or Negan in the slightest. I can't tell you how happy I am that someone is trying to keep journalism alive after the zombie apocalypse, but Morgan is less impressed. Morgan's arc on "The Walking Dead" ended with him turning over a new leaf - and turning over his sharpened staff - in order to return to the non-violent being he was in the sixth season.