Tips for Filing a Tax Extension

Tips for Filing a Tax Extension

Taxes are due Tuesday, but if you haven't filed them yet, no problem. Last year, the Internal Revenue Service expected about 13 million extension requests to be completed.

The final countdown to file taxes has arrived; though it's on April 17 this year because April 15 falls on a Sunday, and IRS offices were closed the following Monday for Emancipation Day in Washington, DC.

For anyone who is a last-minute filer or missed the April 17 deadline, here's what to do.

The 4-1-1 on extensions. She also said Trump will file his return by the extension deadline of October 15.

The IRS has not issued a statement about the outage but did tweet out that you can file for a six-month extension if your taxes aren't finished.

But bear in mind - even if the IRS grants you more time, you still need to pay the taxes you owe by April 17.

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Tuesday was the deadline for Americans who didn't file for extensions to have their 2017 tax returns submitted. The penalties can be aggressive if you do not file at all. Kadas said there's usually a rush of returns filed in early February, for those seeking a quick refund on their taxes, and then the last-minute wave this past week. Popular tax software providers have their own solutions too.

"There is a great potential for many negative consequences", Martin warned. If you are one of those people, this is your a year ago to file and get that return or the US Treasury will be keeping your money.

And if you are going to be late in paying what you owe, at least try to pay some of it when you file so the interest will apply to a smaller balance. The federal extension must include an estimated payment if you are likely to owe taxes.

So, what could happen if the IRS catches you for not disclosing your crypto gains/losses? There are some locations open on April 17th, but you do need an appointment.

"You may not be looking forward to it, but it is always worse when you don't go".