UN Council Rejects Russia Resolution on Syria

UN Council Rejects Russia Resolution on Syria

The vote reflected support for the airstrikes on Syrian chemical sites but also again demonstrated the paralysis of the U.N.'s most powerful body in dealing with the seven-year-long Syrian conflict.

The Pentagon also called Syria's "air defense" ineffective.

"There is no proposal on the table for further attacks because so far, thank heavens, the Assad regime has not been so foolish as to launch another chemical weapons attack", he told BBC1's Andrew Marr Show.

Following the strikes, Russian Federation called for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to address the operation.

The UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, described the use of chemical weapons as "abhorrent", but stressed that member states must act in accordance with "international law in general".

"I think it is completely understandable that the president would feel that, given this crisis situation, he would need to be at home", Freeland said, adding that the Canadian delegation is looking forward to its meeting with Pence.

The United Nations Charter recognizes two justifications for using military force against another country, self-defense or the permission of the Security Council. "I urge the Security Council to assume its responsibilities and fill this gap".

When asked about Trump's withdrawal statement, the Pentagon chose to refer to the White House, while the State Department's Heather Nauert said she was "not aware of" the decision, declining to comment further.

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Reading a statement on Syrian TV, Brig.

Assad said Thursday that Western threats to strike Syria are based on "lies" and seek to undermine his forces' advances near Damascus.

Mr al-Hariri called for a strategy that leads to a political solution to "save it from the brutality of the Syrian regime".

In a press conference in London after the attack, May said Britain, the United States and France needed to act quickly to send a clear message to Bashar Al-Assad's regime that the use of chemical weapons won't be tolerated, and to ensure the operation itself was a success.

A senior official in the regional alliance that backs Syrian government forces told Reuters news agency that Damascus had "absorbed the strike". McKenzie says the missiles were fired after the "last impact" was over.

"We can not stand by as Russian Federation trashes every worldwide norm that we stand for", Ms Haley said. But the White House later said it had nothing to do with the "Mission Accomplished" banner and noted that the president never said those words in his speech on the deck of the Lincoln.

The sanctions come despite both Assad and Russia denying any involvement in the attack, and follow sanctions last month that targeted oligarchs close to Russian President Vladimir Putin, The Washington Post reported.