Othello School District will pull from reserves to cover shortfall

Othello School District will pull from reserves to cover shortfall

The Seneca School District revises its crisis plan for the first time in several years. The consolidated Cherryvale will have a science, technology, engineering, arts and math concentration.

The board approved the four bids proposed, with all present members voting yes.

Board member Jon Lee said he would like to move forward with the hiring of the additional teachers, and, in the future, wants to discuss hiring even more at the secondary schools.

School board members voted 7-2 to approve the budget late Wednesday night. Under district policy, the ideal size of classes in grades K-3 is 18 to 20 students, and in grades 4-5, it is 25.

Students from all Florence One high schools, district officials and state representatives joined in on the conversation.

Rebekah Loker, public schools' supervisor of elementary mathematics, said along with the purchase comes contracts for digital supplemental resources that teachers can download and save.

In recent months, Mason was occasionally absent from school board meetings due to his ongoing health issues, but was able to attend the board's most recent meeting at the end of March.

Also on Tuesday, the school board finalized changes to student start and dismissal times for next year that were previously modified in January.

"Dr. Posley's leadership and experience make him an exceptional choice for interim superintendent", said Milwaukee Board of School Directors' President Mark Sain. The original estimation for the project was $800,000, and it was later increased to $850,000, he shared.

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Although the details for the sponsor signage is still being finalized, the Grand View Health sign at the stadium entrances will probably be similar to its sign at the Pennridge High School stadium, which GVH also sponsors, Stone said.

Somora said he wanted the list of people who signed up to speak during public comment at the board meeting and he was instructed to file a Right-to-Know request.

Toleson said no staff or programs are set to be cut.

The School Committee thanked the students and then went on with the reminder of their agenda.

"I have absolutely no doubt that this will be good for those students at the affected schools and good for our school district", Hamm said. Tackling the district's facilities needs in a piecemeal way would have been costlier in the long run.

Hohensee said that attempts to intimidate her and block her from doing her elected duties as a board member are unacceptable.

Spokesman Doug Strachan said the district received in the neighbourhood of $700 million in operating funding from the province past year. They added that the best candidates will have already been hired by districts that had begun their searches in the winter and to use a truncated process to hire a permanent superintendent now would be risky and irresponsible.

Board President Rudy Patterson's motion to seek legal council passed on a 4-3 vote.