With more snow on the horizon, region waits for warmth

With more snow on the horizon, region waits for warmth

"Areas south of Dane County will most of their snow Tuesday night, and that will limit accumulations to the 1-3" range, with the highest totals toward Madison. And while today's low temperature is expected to fall to 12 degrees, that's twice the low of 6 degrees from 1995.

TEMPERATURES UP AND DOWN: Temperatures rise through Wednesday, with low-50s for Tuesday and upper-50s for Wednesday.

Workers shovel snow in front of Yankee Stadium on April 2. However, by daybreak on Monday, a south and southeast will start to pick up, sustained at 5 to 15 miles per hour.

We may be able to poke some holes in that cloud coverage this afternoon and evening.

By mid to late afternoon, temps run into the low to mid 40s, so what snow we see, starts to melt quickly.

Cold Easter with snow chances
Five weather warnings are in place as heavy rain and snow blight swathes of the United Kingdom on Easter Monday . So to recap the timing, the snow begins 6-8AM, the heaviest falls 8 to 11AM, and it ends by early afternoon .

Skies look sunny - or at least partly sunny - Wednesday and Thursday, and no precipitation is expected.

Environment Canada is predicting that we could see as much as five centimetres by tomorrow morning.

Central, Clarenville and the Bonavista Peninsula should receive between 10-15cms with the potential for 15-20cms expected on the West Coast and Northern Peninsula. The snow will continue off and on throughout the rest of the day on Thursday into Friday.

Mostly cloudy conditions dominate throughout the day on Monday, with the chance of some patchy drizzle at times. But spring high school games are going to get backed up and rescheduled with the forecast of more snow and cold temperatures. West wind 13 to 18 miles per hour decreasing to 7 to 12 miles per hour after midnight. Like always, any kind of wind will promote wind chill values to stay cooler than actual air temperatures.

The rest of the week should be fairly uneventful for weather. This spring storm also holds the possibility for light snow accumulation. "Our temperatures on Wednesday will be in the 40s-which would be great in January, but not so great in April".