Oklahoma And Kentucky Teachers Go On Strike, Demanding More Education Funding

Oklahoma And Kentucky Teachers Go On Strike, Demanding More Education Funding

Figures were not readily available Monday on what percentage of districts closed for the advocacy day, versus those that remained open with full or partial staffing.

In addition, thousands of Oklahoma teachers flocked to the state capital of Oklahoma City on Monday demanding pay raises. Many school districts have moved to four-day school weeks because they can not afford to keep the lights on for five days.

The rally was organized in response to a bill passed last Thursday by state lawmakers altering the pension benefits structure for new teachers.

"There is a disturbing common message: more and more people. are saying, 'I don't know if I can AFFORD to do the world's most important work", Lily Eskelsen Garcia, president of the National Education Association, said in a statement.

EPS will return to its normal class schedule Tuesday.

To give $5,000 raises to librarians and security guards, buy new books, equipment and the other basic necessities of education, Oklahoma will have to raise the Gross Production Tax even higher.

What other sources of revenue could help school funding?

"Our students are fortunate to not only have you in the classroom, but also to have you in their corner". Only teachers in MS and South Dakota earn less, according to the report.

Some Oklahoma schools chose to stay open and keep classes going on Monday.

"We're madder than hornets, and the hornets are swarming today", said Claudette Green, a retired teacher and principal. "This is not an administration-driven deal".

A NATIONWIDE MOVEMENT: Teachers are striking all over.

Melissa Wash, a first grade teacher form Gallatin County who has been teaching for 19 years, said she voted for Bevin, but now plans to become a Democrat. They're fuming over a pension reform bill and demanding lawmakers improve public school funding.

In Kentucky, thousands of teachers are rallying at the state Capitol in Frankfort in continuation of a protest that began Friday, when public school teachers across the state called out or requested substitutes after Bluegrass State legislators passed teacher pension cuts as part of a bill that originally concerned the state's sewage system.

Oklahoma teachers rally outside the state Capitol in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S., April 2, 2018.

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I talked with someone who said that their marriage wasn't working and they chose to go their separate ways. If yes, Praise the Lord and if no, now is the time for us to commit our lives to do so", said Wong.

Sharpe said children are the reason she drove more than two hours to protest in the cold.

Spotting a large paper cutter next to a host of hole punches on a table in a state Senate hallway, Tabitha McClanahan joked to her fellow pre-kindergarten teacher, Rebekah Anderson, "Can we take this?"

A small group of teachers and school employees gathered early Monday outside the Capitol Annex, where lawmakers have their offices. She and her group were able to get inside the Capitol, which was packed, she said.

"I love my state, but right now I feel like they're kind of abandoning us or they don't care about education".

Other teachers said the strike was about more than wages.

"He can't do that if there's a huge crowd outside screaming for his head", Main said.

A teachers' band played "We're Not Gonna Take It" as educators carrying signs reading "How can you put students first if you put teachers last?" surrounded the statehouse in a picket line.

"I have to work multiple jobs, but those kids, they don't have a choice, " said Oklahoma teacher Hannah Fernandez.

"The worst I've seen is 40 special ed students in one classroom", Thornton said.

The Courier-Journal newspaper said that all 120 public school districts in that state were closed although most were already on their Spring break vacation. "I think we're coming back with the fire that I don't think they expected". The surveys close at 5 p.m. and as soon as a count can be made, the information will be rolled out through media sources and school communication tools. They are fighting for our kids'. "Every community and every district is different". "It doesn't matter that we got a raise - if we don't get more funding for schools, we're just going to have to spend more money on supplies", Ellis said. But some districts not on break had canceled classes Monday because of teachers traveling to the Capitol.

Monday is the 58th working day of this year's 60-day legislative session.

"We absolutely appreciate what the Legislature has done, but that's not the end", Woods said.