Call for more awareness on the disorder

Call for more awareness on the disorder

This campaign not only wants to raise awareness regarding the difficulties faced by people with autism.

The group helps children with speech therapy, occupational therapy and it helps teach them social skills.

While many think autism is caused due to mothers who fail to nurture their children, kids with the condition being more likely to seizures points in another direction.

On World Autism Day, a local gym teacher is celebrating the unique talents of those with autism through a dance class. A visit by GhanaWeb to the Autism Awareness Care and Training (AACT) at Kokomlemle in Accra, showed some autistic children going about their daily school activities with the help of their facilitators.

It's a hard decision that many parents face: Should my child be screened for autism spectrum disorder (ASD)? "It is a common misconception that autism is a form of intellectual disability or insanity", said the statement.

"We used to talk of one in 10,000 with what you would call 'classic autism, ' and now we refer to Autism Spectrum Disorder. By equipping our cabin crew and ground services staff with a better understanding and awareness about the disorder, we are helping to ensure that we support all our passengers as effectively as we can". Last but not the least; parents are the most important advocates of their child.

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I talked with someone who said that their marriage wasn't working and they chose to go their separate ways. If yes, Praise the Lord and if no, now is the time for us to commit our lives to do so", said Wong.

Some of visible symptoms, sensitivity to loud sounds, lights, lack of eye contact and verbal communication, arm flapping, just to name a few.

"Our children grow up to be adults".

"We aim to create long-term intervention strategies in a child's life from the early years into adulthood so as to understand the strengths and capabilities of each child".

How are parents help their autistic children? Some developmental delays associated with autism can be identified and addressed even earlier. Those signs fall roughly in three categories: communication, social interactions and behaviours and interests. It is a bit hard to handle special kids as each autistic child is different.

People in the city with autism have moved at least four to seven different schools before the age of 18, a recent study has revealed. Some children have also been known take another person's hand to use to open a jar or reach something too high, simply unaware that the hand is attached to a real person.

According to doctors, children need social acceptance to help reduce the impact of disorders and face the challenges with confidence.