Sanders Lies About Citizenship Question on Census Form

Sanders Lies About Citizenship Question on Census Form

In 1970, the Census Bureau began sending around two questionnaires: a short-form questionnaire to gather basic population information and a long form that asked detailed questions about everything from household income to plumbing. "Expanded data collection on LGBT people is needed to help policymakers and community stakeholders understand the full extent of [employment, housing, and justice system] disparities, as well as identifying the needs of these communities so they can be better served", wrote the bipartisan Members.

"As we continued to look at past undercounts and the Census Bureau's preparations for 2020, we came to the conclusion we were witnessing a train wreck in the making", said Bradford Berry, general counsel for the NAACP.

Al Fontenot, the associate director of decennial census programs, said he convened an all staff meeting the day after the Commerce Department announced its decision.

FOX 47's Alani Letang talked with people about the question that hasn't been asked since 1950.

ThinkProgress reached out to the Department of Commerce (DOC) about the Brookings report.

The census, conducted every 10 years, is required by the U.S. Constitution to count every single resident of the country, including noncitizens.

"Moreover, because a lot of them are not concentrated in the big blue states, and most of the federal funding tied to the census involves programs like Medicaid, Section 8 housing assistance, and support for school lunches, the new Ross-Sessions policy could cut federal funding to the 23 mainly red states with poverty rates above the national average". "California simply has too much to lose for us to allow the Trump administration to botch this important decennial obligation". However, Trump supporters have noted that less inclusive surveys, like the American Community Survey, still use citizenship questions.

A proposed question on the 2020 census is raising concerns nationwide.

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As for citizenship, the first time it was part of the census was 1820. At that point, the citizenship question was only found on the long form, sent to one out of six households.

However, the frenzy is misplaced because the citizenship question has been on the Census before, as recently as 2000.

The Donald Trump campaign already is capitalizing on the citizenship question.

- Memo on Monday explaining decision to include citizenship question.

In a last-minute decision this week, the Commerce Department chose to include a question on citizenship on the 2020 census form mailed to every household in the United States.

At least one lawsuit has been filed over the citizenship question. The former census directors also said the last-minute change posed a "grave risk" to the count because of scientific assumptions and long-term planning already underway for staffing, office sites and public awareness efforts in communities across the U.S.

Introducing an additional, untested question so late in the census life cycle is concerning to demographers and social scientists, who like me, rely on the census as a key source of information about how and why our population is changing.

Illinois' economic and government dysfunction manifests itself in countless ways. Even putting aside the laughable notion that this administration cares about minority voting rights, this argument is bunkum - the Justice Department has been enforcing that law without access to such data for decades.