Seahawks select guard in latest National Football League mock draft

Seahawks select guard in latest National Football League mock draft

This draft-pick trade puts the Jets in a position to secure one of the top three quarterback prospects available - USC's Sam Darnold, UCLA's Josh Rosen or Wyoming's Josh Allen. Complaints that the Jets would only be able to get the "third best" quarterback in the draft, or that they had simply given up too much were rife in my Twitter timeline. The Cardinals have pick 15 and to trade up to a top 10 spot, maybe even top six would be costly.

Two first round picks in this year's draft are worth about the same value as a first round pick (and the Jets' number 37 overall pick is basically an extended first rounder...), and a future second is generally given the same value as a current year third round pick. "The Bills most likely would stipulate one of the second-round picks would be in 2019".

A first-round pick out of Tennessee in 2009, Ayers spent the first five years of his career in Denver before a two-year stint with the Giants and the last two seasons in Tampa Bay.

It's likely they will move up after deciding which quarterback they truly think can be the guy for years to come, and after the recent signing of AJ McCarron, some thought he would be the guy for Buffalo moving forward.

With New York missing out on Kirk Cousins in free agency, they were definitely in the trade market to move up for a quarterback.

The new target for Buffalo is the New York Giants at pick No. 2. Perhaps Beane picks up the phone and gives his old boss a call.

Colts general manager Chris Ballard said the teams had been discussing a potential trade since early in the week. Those two second round picks should provide two more starters.

Dienhart: Michigan State shakes rust, shuts the door on Bucknell
So I was wrong on that account, but before the game there was one thing of which I was sure - Bucknell wasn't getting blown out. Michigan State leads 44-40 at halftime, but that's not a huge margin considering the Spartans shot 59 percent from the field.

Whether valid or not, it seemed that the Browns were playing footsie with running back Saquon Barkley.

Will the Jets make an offer to the Giants?

Bridgewater was a first-round pick in 2014 out of Louisville and was largely considered a rising star at his position. In reality, the only other option is using some of its draft capital (three second-round picks) to move up from No. 4 to the second pick with the Giants. When you see a team make that kind of move, it's a good bet they're going to draft a quarterback.

College Football: Penn State Saquon Barkley (26) in action, rushing vs Indiana Tegray Scales (8) at Beaver Stadium. However, with both NY franchises being potentially quarterback needy at numbers two and three, John Dorsey may have to go QB at number one and hope that the Giants don't take Saquon Barkley with the second overall pick. Both the Cleveland Browns (first overall) and New York Giants (second overall) could opt to take quarterbacks or trade their picks to teams (i.e. Bills) who want a quarterback.

Who knows how draft day will play out?

After trading up to the #12 pick from the Cincinnati Bengals, the Bills still managed to keep the #22 pick which could lead to a trade package to keep moving up in the draft.